Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Time for a Little Something.

January is nice transitional time, and I'm writing lists of things to do and people to see, on my lovely new calendar, and looking forward to some good things in the early part of 2012. So its time I took up the writing thingy once more, in my reliably-irregular fashion, and shared on here all the things that seem important at that time.

Putting 2011 Aside (because it was a little naff in places).
I survived the birthday, just, and held on to my sanity right the way through! It was the year I first tried cheese and onion crisps, salmon, and panetone. It was the year I started, and semi-abandoned my blog! I had my second ever holiday on an aeroplane, took in some fab live music, and I happily carried on my student's 100% exam pass-rate.

I took up crafting again, and got IDd (30 but not over the hill...) I started to use an iPod, and gained a little in confidence and happiness. Health-wise I am much improved, and I feel determination to make the best of a possible tough year with positivity and distraction techniques!

Could do Better
I have started on another Homestart course, and this has come at a funny time. I think I need the support now, and probably had to feel that way to get the best of the Power to Change Programme- to be open and willing. Its hard work! I'd love to come away from it and think of myself as a person who has a career (of sorts!) and a family and a home, and a life in her own right, and is not an ex-victim, or still mending.

I've been feeling my isolation quite acutely once more, and need to find a way to handle this. I think I less need plans to meet new people and find a social life, and more need to become accepting of my bit, but open to change. I'm not one who can confidently move into different circles. So unless the opportunity to become part of the Trendy Mummy Set presents itself, I'll end this year as I began- but I need to be happy with that prospect. Lets give that a go. Post on this to follow.

Whats important to me? Because those things I need to channel my time into. Children- obvs- and their confidence and wellbeing. Two sparkly cool parties are on the way for my Christmas/New Year babies within the next fortnight, and I've made a list of parents to contact so that my two can remain in touch well with their tinies, after the do's. And music is traditionally what this girl is about!... So I need to set myself the tasks of learning or reviewing a couple of pieces each month, to keep myself going. I'll let you know how that goes. And spending time with my family- particularly my sister. As I was too ill to travel to London this Christmas, I didn't see Pootle... which makes it nearly 3 months since I saw her last. Ahh! :(

Oh, and another thing...

There were a couple of happenings in the Autumn and Winter last year that meant that the children's contact with their dad is on apar to my sisters and mine. There will be a court process and I am quite fearful but also trying to appreciate, for however long it lasts, the opportunity to be the lone parent in the fullness of the term. Its a pretty good thing! I've decided to start another blog simply to record the Single Mummy thoughts- positive ones as well as trying ones, so that this place can be freer from all of my 'aside' issues. I'm readdressing the balance, and revamping the blog- bring on the photos of family time, lists and changes, crafty and musical things! I'll try to stay on topic ;)