Thursday, 24 February 2011

Introducing 'Three-Photos-Thursday'.

Just an idea, and may be not for every week, but I'm going to upload three photos in my Thursday posts, with a brief explanation or pondering. They're simple things from my everyday life- photos of things around Here, a little insight into my strange world and odd mind! I've been snapping things on my phone over the last few weeks, collecting images without really thinking about it, (foods I'm loving, things we have baked, birdies outside of my window) and not getting around to uploading them or writing about them. So I have lots on standby! Is this a good thing?! Lets see...

Half-term means new shoes!

 Dinosaur ones at that.



Thanks for all your bloggy-support over yesterday's post. I really knew I wouldn't be alone in what I was thinking, but wrote it because I needed to- I wasn't expecting so many kind words in reply! It was particularly useful to hear that the anger and frustration is natural, as that is the thing I'm still coming to terms with. How can somone so docile (I'm lots of other D-words actually! Dappy, Ditsy, Daft...) feel such raw anger from nowhere? Its so nice to hear that although things won't be easy, they can improve. 
I'm so grateful for all the advice! I love it. (I'm going to do a post on advice nearer my birthday, if people are willing!..) Please believe that I'm feeling pretty good right now, but when I don't, those comments are going to be just the right thing to read :) *Please take your 'thankful' hug now*