Thursday, 31 March 2011

My first Scavenger Hunt!

I didn't do January, although I was intrigued, then I wanted to do February but I didn't manage that either. I'm not much of a photographer, but I liked the idea of this bloggy project.

More Blog Love, people! I do enjoy perusing other people's photographs, so despite camera problems, and illness that meant alot of my photos were taken at home, (moan, moan, excuses!) I really gave March a go. Third time lucky. The list of themes got me really  focused. Very enjoyable! Here is what I came up with.

March's Scavenger Hunt:

A collection.

Well, Pickle Missy and Little Guy's Treasure Box, full of precious things collected on walks, sprang to mind.

A fancy gate.

I struggled- my town is quite, well, towny, and shoppy, and I had one gate in mind, but left the photo-taking for a morning when I knew I had no children this week. Cue Pickle Missy coming down with a bug to prevent me from going outside. This came from one of her favourite stories, as you can see.

A lamb.

Here is Timmy, in his natural habitat, amongst other bedroom-dwelling creatures. He is Sean the Sheep's relation- remember him? He was knitted by my mum.

A Lion. 

A no-brainer. Sorry to give you the soft-toy version again: the lamb was because I couldn't find any that I could photograph (although I was over the moon to see some in a field off a busy A road, that I couldn't stop on...) but the Lion had to be Custard- Pickle Missy's favourite and best. We love him.

A rainbow.

There is the most delightful rainbow effect that streams through the glass panel, onto the stairs at my local supermarket. Beautiful, but I was a little too embarrased to stop in a busy car park to snap it, so here is the one that similarly fills up the front of the house, shining through the glass window of the door in the morning, onto the wall and shoe cupboard.

A ring.

Bought for special lady's Pink Hen Do.

A shadow.

This was kinda put together for the purpose of the photo, in the bathroom, but I hope you'll forgive.

An empty chair.

At work... in my garage!

Peeling paint. 

Not at all rustic and charming I'm afraid- Damp! In my house! How attractive. The Landlord is onto it...

Something as old as me.

An eye, well, my eye, but produced backwards as I lined the pic up in a mirror (right eye, looking like a left eye I think, or vice versa).

Something green.

Too many options here- I was really tempted with my daffodils in bud, and the green jug that they reside in, but I decided on this lovely bridge.

Something sentimental.

Couldn't really keep to the rules here and decide on one thing. Memory boxes, as you can see, with Pickle Missy's first ballet shoes, and Little Guy's first scan.

I'll definately try to take part again next month, and hopefully I'll be able to get out and about a bit more. I am looking forward to finding out what the list is. I might even manage to locate an SD card so that I can use that Complicated Digital Camera of mine...


    Roll up, roll up, for a trip down Memory Lane.

    There was a tent on the green last week, and it arrived on Wednesday morning. Vans were parking up as we rushed to school, and a little voice said 'Ooh- whats happening mummy?!' and I said, 'Oh, probably a fair or something- we'll see'. But it wasn't. (The little voice also expressed some concern about said vans flattening the daisies, but I assured her that they would grow back). There were more vans arriving that afternoon, and by Thursday the Big Top was taking place.
    We get a circus on the green every now and then, a travelling one, and I'm afraid that I have avoided them up until now. My reasons? I'm really not sure, but it isn't something that I instinctivey want to go to. I've tried to work these thoughts out though, because my reaction has surprised me, and I'm usually an open-minded creature. (Because this is a blog for my own ramblings, we'll start with those thought before I get to the review). Lets have a go:

    1) Fast food vans- I had food poisoning (perhaps more realistically a sickness bug?!) after a school fair once, when I was young, and I'll never forget it. I still can't seem to trust them (and get uneasy around hotdogs), which means I don't like to eat at fairs and open air events. Truths.

    2) I don't get the excitement. My mum is suspiscious of fairs, circuses, carousels and doesn't like them. So we didn't grow up with them, (no hardship really), and I didn't taste my first toffee apple or candy floss until I'd left home (nevermind). Who knows why she was uneasy? I'm still a little afraid of her, so I won't be asking. Perhaps I've inherited her concerns.

    3) Everything is expensive, and theres alot to buy.

    4) I don't like clowns much- I get a little freaked, and I feel like I'll cringe at the humour.

    5) People can steal stuff from you! Something I also remember being warned- that pickpockets targeted places like these where there was likely lots of pocket money and crowds... call us cynics...

    ... so what's the attraction?...

    I went to the circus once as a child, at my Grandad's organisation- he was absolutely thrilled that The Moscow State Circus would be nearby, and took us as his treat. It was quite rebellious, seeing as his daughter had no warm feelings towards circuses (see above)! What do I remember of it? You may ask. Not alot. Close to nothing. I have a terrible memory, but this particular piece of forgetfulness troubles me: I wasn't teeny tiny, so should be able to recall it, but I really couldn't tell you what acts I saw, and I know how important it was to him, and how he must have loved the thought of it, planned the day and looked forward to its arrival... and how I feel like I have clearly failed to appreciate his efforts, by forgetting all that I saw! 

    I remember him holding my little hand in his big gentle one at the ticket kiosk, and climbing up to near the top of the Big Top, and wearing a purse with a string, which he and Gran had brought me back from their holidays, containing a pen with my name on. I can still see it- it was sort of rectangular, with rounded corners, and two little black poppers on a fold down lid, which I liked to think were its eyes. (Don't you just love Grandparent-Gifts, this is so Grandparenty, and it makes me smile. Whats more Grandparenty, is that my sister had the same gifts, except mine were in blue, and hers were in red). 
    I was twirling the purse around and around, then leaning forward and spinning it the other way so it would rush back, anti-clockwise, (which was all Much Fun) when suddenly, out of the gap in the top of the purse (which was either upside down or spinning), my little pen fell downwards, between the benchy seats, and the scaffoldy stuff that they were attached to, and landed somewhere unknown, where I couldn't see. I was mortified- because I loved the little pen, and because I loved my Grandparents and knew they would be sad, potentially angry, and because it was lost, never to be found.

    After the initial 'You're always fiddling and getting into trouble' comments, which are naturally bestowed upon the youngest, (and yes, I am proud of this trait), my dad did a Dad Thing, and missed part of the show, to rush downwards to the bottom of the tent, to carefully slide through a flap when nobody was looking, and search for my pen on the grass below. Which he found. Hurrah! Here ends the memory of my trip to the circus. What did I see? Dunno. But I got all the vitals there, I think you'll agree.


    So, as there was no escape from the fact that the circus was in town, and as the children had been talking about it in Pickle Missy's class, (so had the parents- nothing like peer pressure!) I put my prejudices aside and took the plunge. We sat with a little friend of Pickle Missy's, and her Mummy. I was concerned about the expense, and was doing my best to fit in with the other parents, nodding in agreement over how reasonable the price was. It kinda was reasonable, but its not the sort of money I have to hand usually. While we were queueing for tickets, somebody gave me a spare voucher of theirs which got me a discount. Happy Bunny.

    I was worried about Little Guy's concentration behaviour, and in truth it was a fair concern because he was quite unsettled after the interval, but for the most part, aside from wanting to buy everything that the clowns walked past with before the show, and needing food and drink that I had vetoed (we bought treats from the corner shop to take with us- sssh- don't tell!), he wasn't too bad to manage.
    Pickle Missy on the other hand, displayed a little bit of the 'wanties', as her friend had been bought an assortment of goodies from around the tent, but she was quite easily distracted, and became transfixed, and I truly think it made her week. I had the opportunity to sit back and attempt to reminisce, but as that wasn't really working, I just watched my little girl be totally absorbed in it. She loved the twirly whirly hoop girl, and the girl who balanced lots of things in her mouth and climbed ('to the very top of the tent mummy- I think she can really do it!!'), and the guy who climbed an unsupported ladder, and the trampoliney people, and the cops and robbers, and her favourite thing of all was 'the clown that was very naughty all the way through, but was good in the end'. Worth the visit to see their little faces, I can assure you. I can only hope that my family saw that wonder in my eyes when they were sweet enough to treat me too.

    All three children were inspired to climb on things, and balance and get into mischief after the show, but thankfully none of them expressed an interest in throwing knifes at each other.


    Tuesday, 29 March 2011

    I have much to tell you!

    And this is what I say to my sister, when we have our phone chats- to prepare her to clear her evening! So I hope you have a free 5 minutes... The layout of my blog only allows for a narrow amount of writing space, and I'm having no luck updating the look- I'm sure this is why the posts look so long! ;)

    I need to tell you , at some point, about our visit to the circus, and my evening at the O2, and I need to dash around a bit and try to complete my photos for the Photo Scavenger Hunt, while we have a couple of days left in the month. I will try and get those things done soon.

    But today, I need to tell you that I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award... not once, (thank you Vicky) but twice (thank you Pink Cat)!

    Ooh. how exciting! I truly bounced when I found out. And I shall be wearing it proudly on my blog. I say 'nominated', but it translates as something that I can announce, and pass on to ten other bloggers. I'm not sure how I managed to get one of these, as my blog is only a baby one, (I'm not even weaned, although I'm getting hungry for more substantial stuff) and I still have lots to improve. I also don't have that many followers, but I'm going for quality rather than quantity... and amongst a couple of girlies who I've known for a long time, (who surely read this sympathetically), are some other bloggy people that I have never met, but who also seem to kindly put up with my rambings. Thank you to everyone!

    These are the rules:

    1) Link 10 blogs

    2) Tell these bloggers about the award

    3) Write 10 facts about yourself

    Hmmm, ten blogs. I have so many blogs that I follow with interest, that this is quite hard. I've tried to nominate smaller blogs, and ones that haven't had this before. I reccommend you have a little read of these if you haven't already- I genuinely enjoy them. Of course, the rather lovely Pink Cat would be included, but she's ahead of me and has written her post! So I'm going to go for

    Toni, aka Irish Lass at Gardens, Chickens and Folk Music
    Diane at Heart Shaped
    Top Chelsea Girl at How Soon Is Now?
    Pooky at Pooks Place
    Taz at Ratbag
    Simply Vintage at Vintage Hearth

    Right then, 10 facts about myself. Apologies if I am repeating things here- it probably can't be helped when some of the readers know me very well! I've tried to be consise, but it doesn't come naturally ;) Here we go:

    1) I do not have any cousins. Not a single one. Sad face. Most unfair- considering that my mum has a couple and my dad has puh-lenty. I have spent my life collecting other people's cousins as a result- the ones that they don't want.

    2) When I had my ears pierced, the lady said I would only be able to wear 9 carat gold because they were sensitive. This led to me being a Gold Jewellary Wearer by accident. I actually prefer silver, and now that I no longer have blonde hair and don't need to wear rings on the fourth finger of my right hand, I have decided that silver suits me, and I have rebelled.

    3) I'm not one of the majority that says 'I loved Uni- best time of my life!' It was more than a bit poo, I was lonely, and I haven't really used the qualification. It wasn't a totally pointless experience, but one that I quickly realised wasn't for me. It was a long three years! I'll be supportive of whatever my children decide to do, jobwise, but won't push them towards University on the notion of better jobs, and higher standards of training.

    4) I was appauled by The Office sketch at this year's Comic Relief Event. I was getting more and more uncomfortable, waiting for a punchline, or a twist that would make what they were saying all ok. It didn't come.

    5) I love my afternoon naps- they are essential. Actually naps at any time of day, for any length, are a grand idea. I much prefer this kind of sleep to the night-time version. And theres nothing better than sleeping in a sunny puddle.

    6) I haven't travelled abroad much, and I really want to. I took a holiday to Greece with a friend and her family when I was 16- my only two aeroplane-trips, and have been on two 'working tours' by coach (but we didn't have time to stop to see much). I'd love to go to Italy, and America, and Canada. In fact, everywhere.

    7) One day, I hope to be the sort of smug person with the perfect home, who remembers the bins and recycling without a midnight dash in PJs, or an 'Oh No!' feeling on the way back from the school run. My front garden will truly be awesome, and the front of my house will be newly painted, and the bins will be clean and neat and tidy, with pretty flowery transfers on them.

    8) I hate my photo being taken, and I always look awkward because I have to smile without showing my teeth. I don't have enough photos of me with my loved ones. One is probably the result of the other.

    9) When I am a Grown-Up, I shall have boots of many colours, and I will look fabulous. I do love my boots, and my flip-flops. In fact I wear knee-high boots for half the year, and flip-flops for the other half.

    10) I love cats. I badly want a cat, and have had them in both homes previous to this one. When the time is right, I will aquire one. I have a long list of impressive names to choose from. Just need the cat.


    Thursday, 24 March 2011

    Three-Photos-Thursday, 24th March 2011

    You never do know what surprises will arrive home in the Little People's Bags.


    Wednesday, 23 March 2011

    Miss Busy Bee

    I was a little bit like a song with lots of words today- they all fitted in, and it sounded okay in the end, but how it got together with the music, we may never know.
    My MissBusyBeeDay went as follows:

    Got up, did the 'morning' things, Pickle Missy to school, Little Guy and I tidy and clean, and put washing out into a brilliantly sunny courtyard, (with real dolly pegs and everything) then I prepare for work and hoover, and he uses his hoover (sounds like child labour, but he really wanted one for Christmas, and I'm all for the menfolk joining in!) Then we had a play-date/ 'see the ducks and have a run-about-with-a-frisbee'-sesh with a friend of mine (she used to be my Homestart volunteer but we've stayed in touch- she's like an extra mum!) and a little 3 year old boy that she was looking after. She brought me the most gorgeous woolen short grey cardi that she'd come across.

    Little Guy to nursery (with a freshly bought hot sausage roll in the lunchbag because I was so short of minutes- good times), me back home to finish assortment of laundry, make a start on a charity-shop bag of things-to-go. Then collect Little Guy, come home to find that Mister Dishwasher Repairman was sitting outside complaining about double yellows. (Not my problem- but I'll gladly listen and sympathise if you please fix the thing that does the washing up)...

    Drop Little Guy to the childminder, go to work for a bit (where I represented myself for the duration as 'the girl who turned up to school in her slippers'- I was not at all coherant and kept forgetting what I was doing and where I had put things. Moreso than usual. And people pay me money to do this?!)

    Back across to the childminder to collect a Very Tired Small Person, but not before having to stop to hear Mister Dishwasher Repairman complain about things and tell me that the tiles might have to be removed if the fault couldn't be fixed this time, and no he wasn't gonna do it himself, he'd got into trouble for 'being helpful like that' more times than he cared to remember (one wonders what other 'helpful' things are in his back-catalogue). Also included, earlier in the afternoon, were such classics as (jovially, but unexpectedly) 'be a man' to Little Guy who was complaining loudly that his dinosaur shoes were on the wrong feet, and 'I don't know what it is with you women and collecting plastic carrier bags', admittedly after he had to tredge through approximately three hundred in the cupboard under the sink, in search of an 'off' switch to the machine. Charmer.

    Quick about-turn to go collect Pickle Missy, who was then at her friend's having previously been to her Street-Dancing Lesson after school (you read that right- she's despo for ballet but theres nothing affordable in the area so this will have to do! She loves it). I wasn't sure if I 'd be finished in time to collect from the class. I wasn't. I got a little lost on the way to the friend's house, and had to phone the mum to double check, then also needed to ask some passing teenagers for directions. (Well, I was passing, they were just leaning against things, all skinny-jeaned, youthful and beautiful). Fabulous.

    A long walk over a very short distance, towards Homefordshire, with an Even More Tired Little Guy in tow, who ended up having a snack-tea and going to bed almost immediately.

    Phew. Glad thats all over, but it was such fun I think I'll do it all again tomorrow....


    Monday, 21 March 2011

    Tomato Plants do not like taking mini-breaks, and other Weekendary Things.

    They truly don't appreciate it. They are apparently not fans of fresh-air and adventure when they are still shorter than two inches. Now this is a shame, because they struck me as outgoing seedlings, with a lust for life. I have sadly misjudged them. I was hoping that they would like the change of scenery, and the different people to converse with, so they were not left to fend for themselves, feeing thirsty and lonely this weekend, but offered warmth and comfort and drinks whenever they required them, and introduced to two friendly cats.

    But instead of thriving on this change of lifestyle, they have decided to rebel, and to stop growing large amounts each day. They have instead decided to flop, and lean and press their noses against the pot. They are making a silent protest, and have swapped reaching for the sky, for touching their toes, and they have left their seed-hats on past the time when we all know that they should have taken them off. I can only assume that they were a little travel sick upon arrival at my fella's house, and that due to their size, they were feeling effects similar to time-zone changes. Perhaps they were watered too lovingly... a hazard when there are three water-ers in the house instead of one.

    Now at this point I should include a photo of our Actual Baby Toms, but I would not want to upset you. I'm sure they'll pull through, and I'll post a happier picture when they do. It really is a sad thing, but I did sow extras in readiness of Rebellious Seedling Behaviour. I'll keep you posted.

    Heres an idea- instead, lets have a quick peek at the friendly cats.

    I took these photos at Christmas- hence the slightly seasonal reading matter. Meet Black Cat- she is affectionate and soft, and has the most lovely ballet- poses. Her little front paws turn out slightly like a dancer. And she likes to involve herself in what you are doing. She can seek out heat sources with the best of them.

    And this, Blogland, is Grey Cat. She is one of the most unusual and beautiful looking cats I've come across. And occasionally, when she invites you, you can tickle her little ears gently, for a moment, and say How Do You Do, and then she is off, wanting your space rather than your company. She likes to reside on kitchen surfaces and find food, and unwrap food, and consume food, with the help of her sister.

    And I had a lovely time with Black and Grey, and my fella and his family. We had a cooked breakfast on Saturday that was an Event- a lovely proper mealtime gathering, sometime around 10am, with all sorts of goodies to eat, and a teapot with a cosy decorated in chickens, and homemade bread, and posh sausages. Runny eggs too- lets not forget them. Yum. And Yey... for Breakfast Gatherings, which are a time-of-day all of their own, and not 'a little-something-(or-maybe-nothing)-before-the-school-run'.
    Then there was house moving, helping his friends with boxes and vans, and a lovely long walk in the woods, and a meander around a seaside town and the pebbled-beach, and a zonk-out* in front of Proffessor Brian Cox.

    Well I'll leave the plants at home next time...


    *You know, like chilling, but with interesting facts (that you are enjoying) that you cannot help but sleep through...

    Wednesday, 16 March 2011

    Age is just a number, but

    I have six months a little over half a year until I leave my Twenties (the latter sounds like longer- so I'll go with that). I'm not sure I like this. I'm pretty sure I don't like this. Oh- its weird. I've always looked quite young, I still get IDd (and did before the 'challenge if you suspect they may be under 25' thingy), yet the thought of actually getting older in number worries me. I was the only one of my friends who was actually old enough to see the '12' when we went to see Mrs. Doubtfire- and the only one that they suspected was underage. I've got used to comments about my young-ness, and people passing judgement about me being a 'young single mum' etc. I got IDd with a 37 year old last year, who was buying wine in Marks and Spencers, because I happened to be with him. So yeah, I look young. 

      Sporting the Obligatory-Allotment-Pigtails. 
    17? Try 26...

    I feel young-ish too. I have clear memories of what it feels like to be 3, 6, 10, 15, 18, 21- because of significant things that happened at these times (be they 'A' level celebrations or the receipt of a Superted pencil case for my Birthday- all vital milestones!) But beyond 15, I didn't feel like I aged... and that was half a lifetime ago. I was a girl getting married and having babies and making houses, in her twenties who definately felt as though she was no older than 15. I didn't feel I'd learnt, or changed or grown. I was not immature, but young at heart- I was wearing mittens and bouncing, pulling silly faces and loving the swings. Well I still do these things if I'm honest.

     Being little.

    Just recently, because I suppose I'm looking back on the twenties and all of the things that have happened, and all of the things that I wish I'd done, I've realised that inside, I am 29- I have definately had my fair share of 29 years of life- so much has happened. And physically- I cannot expect to drink so much cider without the side effects any more! And I need to accept that I will have to exercise to keep trim, after years of sporting the 'in need of a hot-dinner' look without trying. I still suffer witha couple of health issues after the birth of my children, and I ache badly, have cold hands and feet a lot, and get coughs, colds and headaches, because I can't expect to cope so well without sleep as I once did. Oh I realise I'm not an old lady by any means- but I make no apologies for stating that physically, I am no longer a spring chicken. I think this comes from years of not taking care of myself and my diet, and spending too much energy on people that aren't myself, and worrying far too much... about fair enough things, but it takes its toll.

     At one of my skinniest and saddest (and 
    just out of the shower- please excuse the hair!)- with the 
    whole world on my mind.

    I am not particularly depressed, so please don't mis-judge the tone of this! But I do need to turn things around- I need to make actual effort to enter my thirties proud and happy. I'm really getting there, I think in a sense it would be a very good idea to leave my twenties behind! To be frank, the bad stuff that happened totally mars the good in my eyes. I really want to say 'I came out brighter- and look what else I achieved...' (I'll do that list of good-twenties-moments another time) but really, my twenties were pretty terrible- so in a way, I finish them cheerfully, and in a reasonable position to enter the next stage of my life, simply because I've lived through so much emotionally. If I was any older, my hair would have turned white in the process!
    But hey, here I am, not naieve enough to think that I've had all of my bad luck and unhappiness now, ofcourse life will have its challenges and unpleasant surprises, but strong enough to want to say 'come on thirties- I'm ready!'

    Snuggles with my Little Guy, feeling strong.

    I want to do something between now and then- I'm not going to make an unachievable list- I don't have the money to travel, much as I ache to do it, and I don't have the strength or the time to train for something like a marathon, but I probably need a couple of goals- say one-a-month for six months? Things that will remind me of 'that nice time, in the run up to my thirties'. If you don't mind, I'm going to ask for more advice nearer the birthday, but for now, with the list of goals, between now and September, this is where you come in- any ideas?...


    Monday, 14 March 2011

    30 Day Song Challenge

    Have you heard of it? If you're a music lover and a facebooker, it might be worth a look. I really enjoyed it! It got me thinking, and made me remember some forgotten tracks and times. My sister and I took part, and I took a couple of looks on the group page too, so that I could nosey at other people's choices and discover new music. Each day of March (or any other 30 day month I guess, if you want to start afresh in April...) we had to provide a different song under the guidelines given. I felt I ought to give you my reasons too, in the interests of completeness, ofcourse! Here are my choices:

    day 01 - your favourite song  Reef- Place Your Hands Ask me in 5 minutes and I may decide that this comes second or third to something else, but its a pretty fab tune, and gives me smily-itus.
    day 02 - your least favourite song Arthur Brown- Fire Urghh! Not a fan of any cheese-dream-weird songs that sound anything like psychodelic. Hate the opening to this track, and vaguely recall being freaked by the video when I was younger...
    day 03 - a song that makes you happy Jack Johnson- Banana Pancakes Love it. Its summer, and I'm having a a lazy Snuggle-Sunday, and there are pancakes when I hear this song. Bliss.
    day 04 - a song that makes you sad Queen- No one But You (Only the Good Die Young) I love it, but I find the lyrics chilling, and all I can think of is Freddie...
    day 05 - a song that reminds you of someone Beach Boys- Good Vibrations I will have to tell you all about my fantastic late Uncle another time. Bless him. He sang this in the car once, and attempted all of the top notes. Love him to pieces, still.
    day 06 - a song that reminds you of somewhere Greenday- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Results day, University (a place where I was actually quite unhappy) This is a really nice memory- a couple of guys with guitars on the hill, taking requests and playing songs like this, while we waited to hear if we had made it.
    day 07 - a song that reminds you of a certain event Stornaway- Zorbing Ahh, my first date with my lovely fella. We escaped from absolute sheets of rain into the corner of a gorgeous little restaurant, to have a hot chocolate, and this was playing- we were both struck by it, and had to know who and what it was. Its a special album.
    day 08 - a song that you know all the words to Oasis- Wonderwall I havent' tried recently, but I think I really do!
    day 09 - a song that you can dance to Kylie Minogue- Spinning Around It ought to be noted that I just can't dance- but this makes me want to try.
    day 10 - a song that makes you fall asleep I Monster- Daydream In Blue Please ignore the odd lyrics, and step back in time to when it was first released. I had never heard anything like it, and have loved it since. Relax-ment.
    day 11 - a song from your favourite band Kasabian- Underdog If I was ever to be a WAG, it would be to one of these gorgeous men- who can do no wrong, musically. Awesome band live too.
    day 12 - a song from a band you hate U2- With or Without You 'You can't hate U2!' I hear you say. I reply 'Please do not attack me with sharp objects- I just don't get them!!!' I couldn't think of a band I actually hated, but I really don't like this one.
    day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure Girls Aloud- Love Machine I'm unashamed. I'm usually a guy-and-guitar, and grunge-lover, but occasionally I love a bit of pop, and I really wanna be in Girls Aloud!
    day 14 - a song that no one would expect you to love All Saints- Under The Bridge I'm REALLY sorry. Genuinely. Sorry to all of my fellow Chili Fans especially- I have let you down! I apologise profusely, but I've just always liked this version as an alternative- some of the vocals are so pretty! I'll go hide myself away in a cupboard!

    I'll get back to you with the others nearer the end of the month. If you're wondering why number 15 is missing, those of you that like things to be in equal halves, its because I'm finding that one really difficult to decide on! Catch you later.


    Saturday, 12 March 2011

    Things to remember, Part 1

    You know the kind- things that children say and do, that you want to be able to recall, with clarity, forever...

    Plomp-shoes          Plimsoles
    Bear Boys (are always eating marmite) ♫
    (Have a listen- it really does sound like that!)
    OgHurt                   Yoghurt
    Ber-na-naaa-na     Banana
    Cornflake                Snowflake 
    (and while we're on the subject...)
    'Mummy, its snowinger and snowinger!'
    'A long long time ago, when I was four...'
    'I'm wearing my poppy to remember soldiers who work
    hard and get very hurt, and their horses too.'
    Noodles                  Toggles
    Pelt Fits                   Felt Tips
    Brep-puss                Breakfast
    'For my wedding, the bridemaids and the bride will have red shoes. 
    Can you remind me incase I forget? And any boys will be in blue shoes'.
    Pinking-Dress          Pinafore Dress
    (After a visit to watch a Royal procession):... 'We didn''t 
    see a Queen or a Princess- we just saw an old man.'
    'My tummy is saying rahh rahh RAhh! I think its hungry.'
    'Good Morning Mummy-Bunny'.

    ...And sometimes we're lucky enough to have some moments on film too. 


    Friday, 11 March 2011


    I am asking myself questions today- its what I do when I have nervous energy, and free time! Some rhetorical, others things that I need to decide, and some, that finding the answer will make no difference to!

    Why am I nervous about today's playdate?

    Why did it take me so long to work out why the time on my posts wasn't right? It wasn't set to London GMT. If only I was actually living in the Carribbean!

    How come when one gets better, the other gets ill. At-the-same-time is the way to go, Little People...

    What do I replace the 'void' with, that was The Tudors, series 1, 2 and 3, which were on the Vision Box. I have LOVED them! I have no actual tv... and nothing I've been watching has come close, and the final series is not yet forthcoming on the iPlayer- so what now?!

    Why are raspberries so flippin' expensive out-of-season? I can only walk past without buying for a certain amount of time, and they're not the easiest of things to grow in a paved courtyard!

    How do I get to know a couple of these school-parents better? I'll deal with this issue in another post- I have lots of long sentences to write!

    Why do I put off phonecalls... and paperwork?

    Should I spend extra Christmas Boots vouchers (loads left over) on more Soap and Glory bath bubbles etc (Clean, Girls), as I'm running out, or use probably the whole lot on the Kate Moss perfume?

    How do I decide whether the holidays I've been invited on are the right ones for the children, and which is best, and how do I make sure I can afford them?

    Should I finally admit to myself that I need a payrise? Its been a few years...and should I start to approach those that it will effect?

    How do I convince myself to sit down and sort out something that is overdue being sorted? In this particular case, I'll be better off financially once I do, although its confrontational- but thats not my fault, and its got to be done.

    Why am I not particularly panicky about my son's recent referral, and why am I not more worried when he has his episodes? I seem to be totally in control of myself, and my instinct has proved to be right... but would you believe that I'm reproaching myself for not 'caring' more through panic?

    Is it ok to buy a bunch of daffodils every week? If I was to do it all through the year, that would be about £52, but these are seasonal, and they make us smile. I may have answered my own question here!...

    Whats with my recent 'spot' obsession?! If anything for the home needs to be bought, it has spots! I'll illustrate this for you some day. I really must have dots on the brain.


    I hope that whatever questions you have buzzing around your head aren't bothering you! Mine are pretty ok actually- I'm used to a busy mind, I just need to learn to put a lid on it at night. Some questions give me the focus I need though. Good questions!


    Thursday, 10 March 2011

    Three-Photos-Thursday, 10th March 2011.

    Things that have made me smile today.

    Spread some spuddy-love!


    Wednesday, 9 March 2011

    Is it really Wednesday?

    I'm not entirely sure where the week is going, but I suppose its faster when your time is spent snuggling down with a small Pickle Missy, administering cough medicine that doesn't take away coughs.
    I enjoyed your comments about my Cornish treats. I can't help my weaknesses, so I'm not going to fight them! I have been known to say 'lets have clotted cream for tea- what shall we have with it?!' Those of you that are interested in Cornwall might have heard about this.

    I'm having a catch-up day, doing those little jobs that have mounted up- so I'll have a little catch-up here too. So what have we been doing? When we haven't been poorly and off school, or flipping pancakes, this week we have mostly been baking,

    ...with pretty good success! These were yummy- we've made two batches in two weeks.

    and drawing,
    I can't get enough of this 'lets draw bunnies' phase.

    and being Angelina Ballerina
    for World Book Day. Now why exactly was I panicking?!

    and having our nails done,
    at our friends party (manicures for 5 year olds anyone?!) 
    I thought I'd be shocked but I just thought- 'oh, you have beautiful strawberry-fingernails!'

    and growing
    These are our tiny little tomato plants. Its so lovely to watch the seedling process- this picture (if you look really carefully!) should show all of the steps, as we understand them:
    1) a loop
    2) a shoot with a seed-hat
    3) a shoot with propellers.

    Hope you are having a good week too.


    Thursday, 3 March 2011

    Three-Photos-Thursday 3rd March 2011

    When all of your favourite foods in the world are things preceeded by the same place-name, d'you think there really is something in the blood?




    Wednesday, 2 March 2011

    Recent Beautiful Things.

    I think that this time of year is a time for change. Perhaps thats true of the transition between all of the seasons, but Springtime makes me clean things, and bake, and move furniture, and add things to my beautiful home. Its one of my favourite things to do- nesting. That and searching out a bargain. Here are some recent additions from the last couple of months, to my place: Here.

    You like? I like. One of my favourite topics at A-level, was the French music of the period 1880-1930ish. Same of the art actually- I find that cultural scene fascinating. Ooh, do you feel like some Ravel? I do.

    Luvverly. Well, I saw this chat in a charity shop for £3.50, and he had to be mine. I vaguely recalled the club name from my studying days, and in fact was excited to see a sign for one on a trip to Paris 8 years ago. I googled it, and there it is- its the one I was thinking of, I'm pretty sure it is- where all of the cultural artists gathered. And I now have a reproduction of one of those lovely posters. Yey! My hallway looks much more cheerful, and every house needs a cat.

    I didn't have a soap dish before, and have been on the look out for the right one. Marks and Spencers, £4.50. I've removed and kept the rose scented soap (not really my bag) for some unsuspecting female's birthday present, and replaced it with our own! (You may have noticed by now that the right hand part of each picture is blurry. I'm afraid to say that my phone camera lens is scratched. I discovered it today and was not a happy bunny. I really will have to learn to use my complicated digital one that is usually a Special Occasion Camera. Wish me luck!)

    A corner of my cluttered dressing table. Yes- a dressing table! How exciting :) Part of the lovliness of my Single Mummy Zone is that I can donate spaces to my pretty things nowadays, where I can appreciate them, and where they are safe. Spotted photo frame, £1.99 in a charity shop yesterday. And it is framing Marilyn- I'm not the most massive fan, film-wise, I just haven't watched that many, but I know something beautiful when I see it. I bought this postcard on a trip to London a couple of summers ago. I went to a gallery that was showing a collection of Marilyn and Audrey photography, and of all the glam photoshoots, and seminal film images, this was my favourite- she's windswept, and imperfect, and wrapped up in a cuddly cardi and blanket on the beach. Cosyness.

    Daffs! They don't usually sit here but it was too sunny to take a photo of them in the window, so as an added bonus you get to see my spotted butterdish. I realised recently that I have a thing for spots. I never knowingly say 'I must have that- its spotty'- I probably say that about things decorated wth flowers, but this was totally non conscious, so I guess I like spots! My beautiful nodding daffodils are sitting, in a jug bought from the charity shop at £2.99.