Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fun in the snow

I hope you've all been making the most of this weather, if you've had it, before it goes from that magical crisp Narnia scene to that murky-coloured slippery one. Its JUST beginning to be a nuisance, but for a couple of days, we had a lot of fun.

Ben, the snow penguin. The most wonderful thing about snowmen is how different they all are, and how they are made by what you happen to find! And also how they turn out differently from what you expected. They seem to bring everyone together too, to relive their childhood and have fun, despite any usual dislike of the cold.

Snowball fights and Snow Angels are a must. We did better this snowy day, than last year's snowy days. I suppose that now we are 4 and 6 (and 30) we have more stamina against the cold, and energy to finish snowy creations without rushing home tearfully, to stamp feet and hang soggy gloves on the radiator. Although in truth, our snowguin would not have looked as majestic without the help of my fella. I was better suited to directing, and carrot-holding, while the other three produced quite a masterpiece I think. The hot chocolates waited until the light had gone. And even as it was getting very dark, the snow was still shiny and beautiful. Perhaps more beautiful at this time of day.



  1. Lovely to see you posting again, and what a handsome snowguin! I went running on Sunday morning in it! It was lovely though, all soft and crumpy underfoot :) x

    1. Ah, good for you. I can understand why- when I used to run I much preferred the cold weather. Oh, and 'crumpy' is my new favourite word! x

  2. lovely snowman! I can't resist heading outside when it snowed

  3. Great snowguin. My girls spent ages outside too, but I'm not one for snow.