Jargon Buster, & Introductions.

Thank you for visiting! Please leave a comment and I'll gladly pop across to your blog to say hello too! Stick around here long enough, and you'll hear me mention these people, and things. And here are their translations too, just to be sure my ramblings are a little easier to understand...

Its a small cast...

Me - Thats yours truly. Yeah, original name, but it took me ages to come up with it! (Actually, it took me ages to decide that I was going to start a blog, then I finished the whole signing up/template designy thingy in about 3 and a half minutes, so 'Me' was one of the first names I came to. This is quite characteristic. Procrastinate....RUSH!)

Pickle Missy, or Missy Pickle - My daughter, ever the beautiful tiny little girl trying to reach things that are too high up, with an enthusiasm for all things pink.

Little Guy - My youngest, my son, with the big blue eyes, the one that terrorises with a look of sheer delight on his face.

Pootle - My big sister and best friend. I have just the one sibling, and I have learnt that I need just the one best friend. She's fabulous. Many of my posts will mention her, despite the fact that we're lucky if we see each other 5 times a year. She chose her own name for Here. Not that we're children of the '80s at all... Then theres her man, Pootle's Hubby , and their little girl, Mini P.

The Fella - yeah, theres a gorgeous man in my life, and he's been on the scene for just under a year. I'm a lucky girl. He knows I have a blog, but I kinda prefer him not to be interested in it, because, well, I'm not too sure, but I like to be very much my own person. He hasn't looked at it to my knowledge. While I learn to trust a man thoroughly, and work out who I am, we're 'interdependant', I think, which is perfect for us- sometimes he's here, lots of times he's not, and then I miss him. But thats fine, because always he's lovely.

The Family - theres not many of us, and I'm miles away from everyone so I hardly ever see them, but we can usually pick up where we left off nice and easily. I have a couple of good friends back in London or just outside of it, too.

Here - Aha! Here with the capital 'H'- My secret location, my spy headquarters: where I live... but also refering to my home and where I am right now in life. How on earth I managed to get Here, and How I'm learning to settle, is the recurring theme of the blog. But don't worry- its more cheerful than it sounds! I also record things that the children and I have been doing, and some of my favourite discoveries.

Sunny Puddles - Those big warm rays of light that shine through the windows of my middle room, the ones that I fall asleep in, stretched out on the floor, dreaming of sunnier climes and nice times. I can seek out sunshine like a cat. These are where I'm happiest.

Rabbits - they make us happy (like daisies and dandelions). When Pickle Missy started to tell me she loved me when she was tiny, one of her fave books was called 'Guess How Much I Love You'. Do you know it? You should have a little read. She always says: Love you as much as rabbits, Mummy. Welcome additions over the years include: as much as little happy bunnies/ colourful rabbits/ rabbits excited because they have sweeties/ underwater swimming rabbits with goggles on'.

Oh, and - I like to keep things a tad vague (it makes me feel like an international spy, which I like, but which I'm not) so I may not confirm my exact location, past or job here, but I'm happy to share what I can. If you want to know more, have a looky at the profile, and please feel free to leave me a message.

I think thats it for now,


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