Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I have much to tell you!

And this is what I say to my sister, when we have our phone chats- to prepare her to clear her evening! So I hope you have a free 5 minutes... The layout of my blog only allows for a narrow amount of writing space, and I'm having no luck updating the look- I'm sure this is why the posts look so long! ;)

I need to tell you , at some point, about our visit to the circus, and my evening at the O2, and I need to dash around a bit and try to complete my photos for the Photo Scavenger Hunt, while we have a couple of days left in the month. I will try and get those things done soon.

But today, I need to tell you that I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award... not once, (thank you Vicky) but twice (thank you Pink Cat)!

Ooh. how exciting! I truly bounced when I found out. And I shall be wearing it proudly on my blog. I say 'nominated', but it translates as something that I can announce, and pass on to ten other bloggers. I'm not sure how I managed to get one of these, as my blog is only a baby one, (I'm not even weaned, although I'm getting hungry for more substantial stuff) and I still have lots to improve. I also don't have that many followers, but I'm going for quality rather than quantity... and amongst a couple of girlies who I've known for a long time, (who surely read this sympathetically), are some other bloggy people that I have never met, but who also seem to kindly put up with my rambings. Thank you to everyone!

These are the rules:

1) Link 10 blogs

2) Tell these bloggers about the award

3) Write 10 facts about yourself

Hmmm, ten blogs. I have so many blogs that I follow with interest, that this is quite hard. I've tried to nominate smaller blogs, and ones that haven't had this before. I reccommend you have a little read of these if you haven't already- I genuinely enjoy them. Of course, the rather lovely Pink Cat would be included, but she's ahead of me and has written her post! So I'm going to go for

Toni, aka Irish Lass at Gardens, Chickens and Folk Music
Diane at Heart Shaped
Top Chelsea Girl at How Soon Is Now?
Pooky at Pooks Place
Taz at Ratbag
Simply Vintage at Vintage Hearth

Right then, 10 facts about myself. Apologies if I am repeating things here- it probably can't be helped when some of the readers know me very well! I've tried to be consise, but it doesn't come naturally ;) Here we go:

1) I do not have any cousins. Not a single one. Sad face. Most unfair- considering that my mum has a couple and my dad has puh-lenty. I have spent my life collecting other people's cousins as a result- the ones that they don't want.

2) When I had my ears pierced, the lady said I would only be able to wear 9 carat gold because they were sensitive. This led to me being a Gold Jewellary Wearer by accident. I actually prefer silver, and now that I no longer have blonde hair and don't need to wear rings on the fourth finger of my right hand, I have decided that silver suits me, and I have rebelled.

3) I'm not one of the majority that says 'I loved Uni- best time of my life!' It was more than a bit poo, I was lonely, and I haven't really used the qualification. It wasn't a totally pointless experience, but one that I quickly realised wasn't for me. It was a long three years! I'll be supportive of whatever my children decide to do, jobwise, but won't push them towards University on the notion of better jobs, and higher standards of training.

4) I was appauled by The Office sketch at this year's Comic Relief Event. I was getting more and more uncomfortable, waiting for a punchline, or a twist that would make what they were saying all ok. It didn't come.

5) I love my afternoon naps- they are essential. Actually naps at any time of day, for any length, are a grand idea. I much prefer this kind of sleep to the night-time version. And theres nothing better than sleeping in a sunny puddle.

6) I haven't travelled abroad much, and I really want to. I took a holiday to Greece with a friend and her family when I was 16- my only two aeroplane-trips, and have been on two 'working tours' by coach (but we didn't have time to stop to see much). I'd love to go to Italy, and America, and Canada. In fact, everywhere.

7) One day, I hope to be the sort of smug person with the perfect home, who remembers the bins and recycling without a midnight dash in PJs, or an 'Oh No!' feeling on the way back from the school run. My front garden will truly be awesome, and the front of my house will be newly painted, and the bins will be clean and neat and tidy, with pretty flowery transfers on them.

8) I hate my photo being taken, and I always look awkward because I have to smile without showing my teeth. I don't have enough photos of me with my loved ones. One is probably the result of the other.

9) When I am a Grown-Up, I shall have boots of many colours, and I will look fabulous. I do love my boots, and my flip-flops. In fact I wear knee-high boots for half the year, and flip-flops for the other half.

10) I love cats. I badly want a cat, and have had them in both homes previous to this one. When the time is right, I will aquire one. I have a long list of impressive names to choose from. Just need the cat.



  1. I totally agree with so many of these, especially 3 and 7. Wishing you lots of boots, flip flops, cats and silver jewelery. x

  2. I'm intrigued by the Office sketch now, I didn't see it! Must youtube it later on (when I'm not at pesky work) x

  3. Congratulations on the award and thanks! No cousins? I have 20 - perhaps you can borrow some? I'm a silver as opposed to gold person too. I didn't see The Office sketch either.

  4. I can relate to you on several of the points! Thank you for passing the award on to me!! I've never had an award and never expected to, or even thought about, receiving one! I'll have to give a little though to who to pass it on to and what I can say about me!

  5. Congratulations on the awards. I do enjoy reading more about people on their blogs.

  6. i have 2 cousins, still not much. I agree with no. 7, though I'm nowhere near there yet. Congrats on your award!

  7. I hate having my photo taken too. I either look terribly goofy and caught unaware (usually by my kids... thankyou god for the power of deleting with digital!) or it looks to staged and the smile forced.
    One day my house will be perfect too and I will be super organised and I will have lots of colourful boots! yay!

  8. It would seem we have a whole lot in common but for cousins, you are MORE than welcome to mine but I like you too much to force them on you. ;)
    Thanks for the award xx

  9. Sorry you didn't like uni :( I liked the 1st year but not the 2nd year. 3rd was ok.
    Hope you get to travel more too. Maybe invest in a camper van and drive across Europe. I would love to do that one day. Actually that would involve having enough money to not work for a month or so...

  10. I love this award because you find out so much! I am very glad you like cats! I will also need to check out this office sketch now...and I must also say - go travel when you can!! It is amazing...one of my big loves! And what was your uni degree? So sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it...xxx