Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Wedding of the Year... Its getting Nearer

And I feel like we need to have another lovely giggle, after the last one.

Right-o, I came across this, which I think is pretty cool... Pizza and a Royal Wedding. Does it get any better?

And incase you missed the link at the end of my last Royal Wedding post (and even if you didn't, it needs another showing)...
Oh my, how fantastic is that?! I would be a happy lady if I could make portraits out of sweets for money. DREAM job. I may change my career. On a related Jelly Bean note, (that shouldn't be the way you start sentences, but in my life its quite normall!) I was reading the lovely Moshops' Blog earlier, (thats not lovely = 'she seems nice', thats 'she always says kind things, and she's a real laugh') and she linked this story, which I also came across here. Look who has appeared in somebody's Jelly Bean!

I hear that Ronnie O'Sullivan thinks the snooker players should get a day off to watch the wedding. Too right! We should all have days off... multiple days off infact, because there is much preparation (cake baking, bunting-dusting) to do, and shopping to be done (tiaras, bow-ties, Very Large Hats), and commemorative chintzy things to stock up on. Gosh, its just as well that they decided to get hitched around the Easter holidays. A happy coincidence? I think not. I like to think that this particular King-and-Queen-to-be understand the need for us all to go a little crazy about them over a matter of weeks, not days.

Liking this. Ahh, he looks like he's in a hot tub, waiting for his lovely missus to join him!

This is a lovely idea- I do hope that they will be giving out mini ones of these on the route towards the cathedral. I love the idea that Miss Catherine Middleton is keeping Prince William under control atop the biggest pork pie you have ever seen.

I found a wonderful site that has all of the worst best buy-able things in one place. Here is a selection:
Oh, and... oops...

Now I'm a little sad, that these have fallen out of fashion. (No I'm not come to think of it... facial hair of the tash variety makes me feel a little bit queasy).

And this might just be my favourite discovery so far, and I demand that you watch it... now!

Not long to go!



  1. I love that video! I'd heard about it but hadn't actually seen it so thank you!

  2. Such a funny post, love the kate middleton jelly bean. you made me giggle x

  3. Brilliant!!! I love the tackiness and awfulness of it all!!! Your blog is fab. Can we go in to business together with the sweet picture malarky? Would love to do that!
    Thanks for the blog link - I might even hit the big time and make it to 20 followers. Woohoo!

  4. Brilliant!! I actually want the wee Kate and Wills with the horse and carraige so I can clip clop clip clop it round my coffee table :D

  5. That pizza is crazy!!!!!

    I love the You Tube vid - sooo funny!

    Victoria xx

  6. That videos had me in stitches... Would have been nice to see Lizzie throw a few more moves though! x

  7. Loving the new background! Loving the video too! How cool is that?!! :) And all this merchandise! I cannot believe how inventive people are getting - it is so much fun! We'll be celebrating too though we'll have to get our skates on. I get back from italy and then I have one day to go bake crazy before the big day!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my last post by the way - so nice. I even told a few friends about it! :) xxx

  8. I love that video! I'm really excited about the wedding too and I love your posts about it, I want to get a fabulously tacky item to celebrate it but I can't decide what to buy... it's a very important purchase! ;)

  9. Really enjoyed your post and love the video - thanks!

  10. I am getting So excited too! That video is great - so funny!

    Thanks for all your run down on wedding tack and funny things. It's better than the Daily Mail! x