Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt (Better-late-than-never!) for June

I mentioned the other day that I didn't manage to take part in this one... not strictly true- I hadn't completed by the time I wrote that post. But I then realised that there were only two more pictures to collect, so I decided to finish, rebelliously, late. If you haven't come across the Photo Scavenger Hunt, then this is the link you need. Such a lovely idea, and a great way to get in touch with new people. Its always good to see how bloggers interpret the list differently, and its a handy focus for photography when you're out and about.

[Please insert here the neccesary apologies for my camera dying (RIP little digicam!) and excuses about my mobile phone lens having a small scratch on it! Its actually takes a pretty decent photo considering, and I'm getting quite good at taking a shot with room to spare, so that I can crop-out the smudge later on!]

Here we go:

Tree Branches

A Farm Animal
I didn't get a chance to see a real one in June, but there are a wide selection to choose from at home. This is one of them, on Little Guy's book shelf.

A Childhood Memory
I used to love Sylvanians! And spent many hours looking over these little collector-leaflets that came with the animals, and the furniture, trying to remember all the names, and working out what I would like to get next. I was lucky enough to have the bakery, (Mr Brown Bear and his wife were too tall to come in through the door though- it bothered me!) and I saved and saved for the little house. The grey rabbits were my first family, and my favourites, and I liked the babies as they were in pocket-money range! TMI... probably...

A Wheel Trim
I was too slow to get a pic of my fella's motorbike, which came to stay for a week. Here is Pickle Missy's scooter wheel.

An Elephant
On my dressing table. I love him. He keeps my rings on his nose!

Architectural Detail
From a Baptist Church. This is around the back of the building, but I liked it as much as the finer ones near the front door. Sadly it looks out onto a loading bay and a public toilets, but its very pretty!

My newest summer discover: feta in oil, with chilli and pepper. Mmmmm...


My stair-window, at night.

Something beginning with 'Z'

Something with your town's name on it
From a tourism leaflet for the town. Sadly there are no tigers to be found, wandering down the high street, and I wouldn't have called the local animal park in 'our' area either (some artistic licence with the race track too!), but it makes a lovely central picture!

The View Right Outside Your Door

I took this on the Friday (after four days of road closure and tea-making... literally!) that they completed work on the resurfacing of my road. There was lots of excitement about the various machines that arrived, and Little Guy and I had fun watching.



  1. I love your photo scavenger hunts. Well done for finishing. x

  2. Love the elephant. I have absolutely no idea what Sylvanians are - I'm obviously way too old :(

  3. Aww, I always wanted Sylvanian Families and was never allowed on the basis that their tiny furniture and things would always be all over the floor and would clog the hoover :(

    Love that pic of the piggy, I do like to see a lot of books in the vicinity of children!! xxx

  4. ah, I thought you hadn't taken part this month! I remember sylvanian families - we had a camper type thing, my sister played with it more but they were great!

    I was more into Oh Penny, do you remember that?! I have the whole set in the loft still!

  5. It was a bit tough this one....I think I say that every month!

  6. Some great photos despite camera problems. My Little Miss has Sylvanian Families now. She likes collecting it when we go to car boot sales.


  7. I never had sylvanian families, how disappointing :(