Saturday, 30 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt- July 2011

I am smug, and, for a change, organised. This post has been set to publish while I'm on my hols. Get me!! I hope you enjoyed this month's list, I had fun, and managed to get some nice snaps with the purchase of a posh new digital camera, (bought with nectar points and early Birthday money). Yey!

Red White and Blue: a window display.

Strawberries: (home grown- yum!)

Ice cream (with sparkles and sprinkles!)

A flag: bunting around a local shop, that has been prettyfying the corner ever since the Royal Wedding.


Celebration: strawberry gateaux, for Pickle Missy's friend's birthday.


Flip Flops:

Stars: Christmas wrapping paper!


A kite: (sorry its not in the sky! This little pocket kite has been riding around in my handbag for about three weeks, waiting for the right weather...)

Something that makes you smile: I'll have to admit sadness and happiness mixed together when I see this little dedication, on a bench by the sea... but its the sweetest thing, and it fills me with positivity about living for the moment, and embracing the beautiful. Such wonderful words...



  1. Well done you being all organised!! I'm not due to the moving Dave in with me (and having no internet) over the last few days! I'd better get on with my post if I am to get it done on time!

    I love to read messages on benches too, some of them have such lovely words on. Hope you're enjoying your hols!

  2. Very organised! I just about managed to get mine done in time but as usual it did mean a few very last minute snaps.

    I love the bench photo. I'm such a sap with things like that though - I smile at them but they do have a tendency to make me go a bit sniffly.

  3. Great pictures - hope you're enjoying your new camera and making the most of using it on your hols.

    I love the bench photo too. The sentiment is lovely! x

  4. Congratulations on your new camera, birthday money, posting while you're on holidays and for choosing some lovely photos!

  5. Oh I always cry at bench plaques - I cry buckets over the one in Notting Hill (the film) - sooo sad that you can spend your whole life with someone and then they're gone!

    Love that piccy of the field, so pretty. Hope you're having a good holiday! xxx

  6. Why do you have christmas wrapping paper out in July? That not allowed!! Lol.