Friday, 28 October 2011

Photo Highlights.

Just some of the nice things I've been up to in the last couple of months. I really enjoyed the Summer holidays- not just because I was able to get away, but because we filled the other days with nice things. It was a good precedent to set, as it seems I've had the energy and luck to carry on with little treats and days out into the Autumn. We're just off out to town to have a peruse around the shops and a little bit of lunch. Hope you're enjoying your time off if you have any!

1: a trip on a little steam train. It took us to the pebbly seaside where we had a picnic and flew our kite.
2: A Venetian Fete. One of the winning carnival floats that we watched parade along the canal.
3: Jimi Hendrix, the homemade kite. The children bought the things they needed from the local shop with their Grandad, and spent a morning creating our flying machine.
4: Little Guy has his face painted at our day out with the Pirates.
5: Pretty coastal views.
6: Our Duck Tour in London. It was fantastic.
7:  A squirrel in St. James Park, London.
8: Mini P's Paddington Bear 3rd Birthday Party
9: My beautiful Missy Pickle, meeting a Mermaid.



  1. Fabby photos! Looks like you all have had a lovely time.
    Steam trains are just brilliant!

    Hope you are having a good half term.

  2. I was poking around my dashboard, and found that you have followed me - thanks! :) It looks like we have PinkCat in common. I hope that things are going well for you and your little people, and that you have the happiest of holidays. Those birthday treats look oh-so-delicious!