Sunday, 26 June 2011

Full of the joys of... Summer.

This muggy weather has suddenly given way, as they promised, to beautiful bright rays of sun. (And its lovely out there). It feels as though that is the pattern for my personal life just recently too. I feel like there has been a period of grey heaviness, much as I was able to wade through it with a half-smile, and now...well, I feel like this:

Don't you just love this image? Thats me!

The timing of my good mood is odd, because I received another Brown Envelope of Doom the other day, (this sort of depressing brand of communication is quite regular, and it always seems to contain news that gives me a bit of a shock). Its hard. I was just finding my feet, setting goals, and now I'm a bit lost again. But it doesn't seem to have dampened the mood, because lots of good stuff has been happening recently.

Take a look at my Happy List:

Sports Day.
I was a little bit emotional- it was another Mummy Milestone, being my first. Pickle Missy did me proud. Highlights? Bouncing off in the spacehopper race before the headteacher blew the whistle, and being lifted up to the basketball hoop, to have a fairer chance (given her size!) of getting a ball through it. She also finished in last place for the little race she competed in, chiefly because she was trying to keep her sunhat on.

A visit from the parentals.
The children were too tired to do much, but mum and dad were in good spirits, and it was nice to have the adult conversation, and to see the bond between them, and their grandchildren.

Moving On.
After a period of lethargy, I am motivated, and after periods of disorganization, my house and mind feel tidier. I've had a good sort-out, and I've given myself little tasks to tackle in my free time. I'm also making the effort to veg in a constructive way- reading, or making things, or working on my Thirty list.

New readers.
I got a little mention, and a LOVELY write-up, here. I was really overwhelmed, and came across the link in my stats. They made me feel like I had something relevant to say, and although its a shame that that post isn't in my usual style (so I worry that I come across a bit emotional and paranoid to new readers), I was really buzzy when I read my name in the list of recommended parenty-blogs!

Sunny Sunday.
Today in itself was a good day. We are lucky enough to have a bandstand Here, with lots of grass, and a small playground all in one enclosed (sort-of) area. You know how much I love live music... of any kind...and the weather was perfect for the brass band today. The children loved it, and I bumped into some old friends, and chatted to lots of people. Happy faces. 

Family Life.
I'm in a lovely routine- and the children are thriving on it. There have been more play-dates, and a structure to the contact they have with their dad since our mediation. Yey! Pickle Missy and Little Guy suddenly seem more secure, and confident. My little girl's school report was shining recently, and her brother is very settled and smiley at nursery. And I feel like I'm gaining friends, and making plans, (getting a tiny bit of a social life). Its lovely.

A holiday.
Its been booked. Bite me, Brown Envelope! (Although technically it was booked before that last one arrived). I am going here for a week in August.

Have you guessed? Its Ibiza, although (I'm bored of justifying it, but I feel I ought to!) it won't be the clubby part- we got a lovely deal on a half-board holiday at the opposite end of the island, where all of the slower-paced-people go! It will be wandery, and relaxing. The scenery looks fantastic. Its my first sunny holiday in 14 years, and I have (modest amounts of) shopping to do for it. You'll be hearing more of this, I'm sure.

Hoping you're full of Summery joys too...



  1. My parents and family holiday in Ibiza all the time and love it!

    Victoria xx

  2. I hope you enjoy your holiday.
    Don't feel the need to justify your holiday destination. I'm jealous, its been years since I've had aproper holiday abroad. x

  3. Oh you lucky thing I LOVE Ibiza!! I went to Santa Eulalia a couple of years ago and it's so wonderful. Ibiza Town is WELL WORTH a trip and we also took a boat ride out to Formentera for a day, hired a car and explored that little island too, I'm very jealous! xx

  4. Looks beautiful!

    Sports Day is always emotional - love it! Loving the idea of a space hopper race!!!!
    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.