Thursday, 9 June 2011

Three-Photos-Thursday, 9th June

Meep, Meep, Meep!

Under the bridge we go!

Here we Come!

Aren't we fluffy?!



  1. "There once was an ugly duckling..." :) x

  2. I love little babies! They grow up so fast though. We had baby ducks, swans and fox cubs in our local park - plus a moody moor hen who kept terrorising the ducks! xxx

  3. Lovely photos!

    I just stopped by to thank you for your good wishes on my last post! Very exciting times and it is such a relief to get rid of that distance!

  4. Lovely photos - aren't they adorable? Thanks for your comment. 'See' you again! Have a good weekend. Abby x (Love your previous post, by the way - v interesting. I've been married for (wait for it!) 40 years - but it's been a real roller coaster at times. 2 years ago we nearly divorced, but went for counselling and it really worked (much of the problem was his drinking....) You sound like it's going well, at the right pace. Hope it all works out for you - you sound lovely! )

  5. sweet baby swans, how dare ducks call them ugly.