Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Little Visit.

Here are my two Little People and their Cousin, Mini-P. I mentioned she would be coming on a holiday, like a Big Brave Girl, to spend time with us while her Mummy and Daddy relaxed a little bit. This picture captures it all: the very sweet relationship between the three, and the liveliness and cheekiness of each. I have however decided:

  • It is quite important to get 'those odd jobs' around the house completed before a toddler-visit! They may never be completed otherwise.
  • Similarly, things should be organised 'away'- beware boxes of 'things' and little stashes of wool and crochet etc... but be matter-of-fact, and imprecise when it comes to standards of toy-tidyness- its gonna get messy!
  • Raisins (multiple boxes) are useful, both as snacks, and bargaining tools.
  • Be organised, and have activities spare. If early risers are rising earlier than usual, get out and about and involved in something after breakfast. They may even repay you in naps later on!
  • Things don't have to cost, and you don't have to go far. This won't always be the case, but at this age, it is perfectly acceptable to visit ducks, go to the library and have picnics at the park with school friends. As I don't have a car (and would have problems fitting three car seats in if I did) this was useful.
  • Sleeping routines are easier with three!... bizarrely.
  • Prams are handy to hang things on! After a year or so without one, it was quite a welcome rediscovery.
  • Socks are optional- lifes too short.

I do love encouraging time together between these little three. I don't have any cousins, but I've heard tell of the wonderful relationship that cousins can have, to be 'like siblings' and 'people you always know, and have things in common with' are two descriptions from friends, that have stuck with me. I don't care about the distance- these little people are gonna love each other! I was pleasantly surprised with my two. Little Guy seemed to get much older this week, and take his turn at 'looking after' a younger one. Pickle Missy was quite at home, with two smaller people to help organise. But they were lovely, and very helpful, and Mini-P was never alone or at a loss for things to do. She flitted between the options of playing with my youngest, because they have lots in common, being just 9 months apart, and going ultra girly, with unicorns, and bracelet-wearing with her biggest cousin.

Did I ever tell you about Mini-P's arrival? By the photo above, you might not think that she will be celebrating her third birthday in September. Yes, small babies and petite children do run in our family, but this Little Person arrived nearly three months early, on September 30th 2008, by emergency c-section, weighing 2lb 3oz, and was eventually allowed home on New Years Eve.

Mini-P and Mummy giving Kangaroo Cuddle Care! The best types of cuddles. My son was 6 weeks early and in special care for three weeks, (little did we know how much more we would learn about SCBU units the following year) so I remember these times too.

When she is being a bit of a terror, and feeling quite willful (there were a few instances!), and driving her parents round the bend, we have to remind ourselves that if she wasn't as strong as she is, her history may have been entirely different. She is healthy and fit, and no longer under any hospital care, and very vocal!

So it was particularly lovely to see her make the long journey (two trains and a car, with the second and third leg of the journey without her mummy or daddy) confidently, and to eat well, mix well, and play beautifully.
Please excuse the nude Peppa Pig- we have no idea where her dress is!

Pootle, her mummy, met with friends, shopped, and got her hair done, (yey for lovely things that mummies so often don't get to do!) and (hopefully) rested for a few days, before joining us Here for two nights. Oh I do miss my sister, and am in constant awe of those who have their loved ones nearby. We drank cider, had party planning sessions, fajitas, and evening walks around town (thanks to a willing fella, babysitting and sending us out for a couple of hours to catch up). There was the usual talk about the distance, and if something might be done, if somebody might move. Its not looking do-able for the moment, but we did make use of the time together. Next meet-up will be late July I think. Looking forward to it already.



  1. It is great these little cousins get along so well. I have 20 cousins, yes we're a big family, and although they are all at a distance as soon as we see each other a smile and a hug says how strong the bond is between us all.
    It must've been so nice for your sister to have a bit of me time and then for the two of you to spend time together too. I hope that you all get to spend more time together. x

  2. I have squillions of cousins but we all vary so much in age that I don't really feel that close to more than one, AND I'm an only child so I'm pretty much out there on my own in the big wide world :( Sounds like a lovely time was had, they look adorable kids!

  3. This is a lovely post to read! That photo is one to treasure, they all look so sweet yet there is an air of mischief about all three as well!

    Sounds like a lovely time was had my all and it must have been great to have a catch up with your sister!

    RE the moving - it may not be do-able now, but it's amazing how quickly or unexpectedly things can change so perhaps one day it will happen!

    Thanks for your earlier comments! I'm working on a post to explain recent events and fill in the gaps left by my recent posts! It's hard to get the words out and making sense sometimes!

  4. My cousins and I have always spent time together growing up and people often find it strange I'm so close to them!

    It's great to see your family having fun!

    Victoria xx

  5. such lovely pictures and true, socks are optional!

  6. Awww looks like everyone had a fun time :)