Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Sea.

I am lucky enough to be able to get to the coast as much as I want. So most days I do.

 My dad, a Cornishman, loves to check up on its blue-ness when he visits and I wander along that way when I finish the school run. I take walks, and I run occasionally along the pathway. Little Guy takes trips to the boats sometimes, to watch the fishermen with his nursery,

I could only have dreamed of watching fisherman with my nursery. We had treats of our own, and were located near an army barracks, so probably spent lots of time peering-in at soldiers, but I sometimes wonder at the sort of things my two will get used to doing, as part of their everyday lives, to look back on. And I also wonder whether they will grow up with that 'sea loving gene' that I thought had passed me by...

Turns out, it hasn't. Its just that living so far away from it for so many years, I never realised I had one.

Sometimes, I can be persuaded into a cycle ride, and the sea wall is a very inviting route- especially on a warm day, with a little stop at a cafe, and a spot of people-watching. (Nothing sordid! I just like to imagine what these beach-dweller's lives are like, and where they have come from, and what possessed them to wear speedos and long socks, you know... that kinda thing...) The right kind of nourishment after all that pedalling is paramount: cheesy chips, cider, and one of these. The ice-cream lady said 'would you like red sauce?' Silly question.

There are many tracks playing through my head when all I can hear is waves, and seagulls, and here is just one. Enjoy.



  1. Ooooh I need some sea air again and soon. Here's hoping for a sunny weekend so I can go sea glass searching and ice creaming eating :)

  2. I absolutely love the ocean! My kids do too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh I love the sea too, it's so good for the soul! And that song, I'll be humming it all afternoon now :) We call that red sauce Monkey's Blood up here, for some reason.

    (Yes the hills have fabulously romantic names don't they?! That's what I love about them... Great Gable ... Catbells ... Dollywagon Pike... ahhh)

  4. We are very lucky here with our coast line aren't we? Those beach huts have always fascinated me and I've longed to own one for years, I love having a nosey in them when they're open. I shall miss the closeness of the sea when we move, although we're only moving uphill to the foggy place, I just won't be able to wander along the sandy beach on my way back from town.....whilst munching whelks, of course.

  5. Can't wait to get to the seaside soon and eat proper icecream with red sauce. x