Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I've been spending a lot of time trying to make D-words. Its part of what I have to do as a grown-up nowadays, something that I can''t get away from, something that I am the first to admit I'm no good at. I make bad D-words every day, on behalf of myself and my two wee ones, but my true skills lie elsewhere (hmmm, not sure where that place is, but its somewhere different) and I don't think I care for this side of things too much.
Life is being taken over by decisions. There is constant pressure, they make my days go quite well or less well- I'm sure people can understand this one, even if your circumstances are different to my own. Rocks and Hard Places spring to mind, because theres never an obvious answer! I am in constant battle in this little Single Mummy Zone that I live in, and come up against other people's advice and opinions about things (when- lets be honest- I have no idea how to do said 'things') far too much. I would very much like a Fairy Godmother, if there is a spare one reading my blog on her tea break, to flutter by and give a girl some guidance. Thank you in advance!

Even the word 'Decisions'. Oooh, its ugly. It induces stress! I spent a number of weeks learning French with a set of fab CDs a couple of years ago, before a holiday. How strange the human mind is, or maybe its just mine... because in the same way that I still hear my Driving Instructors actual voice in my head whilst I drive, even years after I passed ('CAUTION: Where theres a VAN, theres a... [pregnant pause while he waits for me to complete his sentence, then he shouts, over the top of me, joyfully, ] MAN' etc... he was an extremely irritating person to be trapped in a car with), I hear the French Guy in his lovely gentle accent working through the different ways of saying this one whenever I sit to ponder about the right course of action:
'...quell décision... votre décision... ma décision...'

You're not helping, French Guy!

Hopefully Inspiration will pop along to my part of the world quite soon.


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  1. Good luck with your decision making. I too find them very hard to make. Well maybe not too hard to make, but very easy to quickly change my mind and then not end up doing anything. I find a cup of tea can help. Do send your Fairy Godmother my way if she makes an appearance. x