Monday, 28 February 2011

So what have I learnt this week?...

Every days a school day! (Even though its half term...) Have you heard that phrase though? Along the lines of 'you learn something new every day'. We're all still learning.
An old friend of the family used to say to me, each time we met. 'So what do you know? Anything or Nothing?' It wasn't a rhetorical question either... which puzzled me! I think it was a 'how have you been- whats new?' greeting, but I never did feel comfortable with it!
Anyways, this week with the children off school, and without Pickle Missy's little daily snippets of Reception Class life, I have been learning new things of my own, new things which mostly pleased me- so I thought I'd put them down here.
Well, I'm a little late joining the party (nothing new there!) but I heard about this website and had to check it out. Its available for your iPhone as an app too, but I am an androidian, so disappointingly, I can't use it on my mobile... as far as I know. (Shame-o, because I understand you can buy and download tracks straightaway). You type in an artist you like the sound of, and it plays one or two of their tracks, in a playlist of other stuff- some of which you've never heard of. Its a fantabulous way to find more music, because the lists are classified by genre- so 'alike' artists and their work will crop up, and make you think 'why have I never heard this track before?!' I have discovered so much!

My Great-Grandfather
liked pansies- they were his favourite, so my dad told me, when he visited from London this week. It was a fact that came to him while we were working in my tiny garden, tidying and planting violas in a hanging basket. He said it, because this is a trait I share with his Grandad! (Big fan of pansies and daisies here). He also said that he had a huge handlebar moustache, and a walking stick, and a very long beard. I was keen to point out that this is where the similarites between Great-Granfer and I end. (Gosh, I could never tire of finding out things like this! I love it.)

Baking is
a quite a lovely little daily habit, when time allows. What did we make during the wet half-term weather? We made drop-scones, rainbow cakes and blueberry muffins (with varying success rates- but best to ask a taster who likes sponge cake more than I for a true run-down). I have plans for choccy-chip cookies and a lemon cake this week. We'll see how much I actually get done!

Good Things Come
to those who wait (and have faith and patience). Now that is a tricky lesson for me to learn- patience! Never did get the hang of it. A little problem has been solved: my childminder has been looking after my children since September, but previously she worked in the nursery that they attended, and grew to have a beautiful relationship with Pickle Missy and Little Guy. They were both fond of her mum too, who worked in the baby room of the same nursery. I couldn't believe my luck, when I came to look for childminding to cover my after-school working hours, and she, at the same time, decided to give in her job, and concentrate on work experience in a different field that she was looking for a career in- she offered to look after mine around her volunteering.
Well the time came for her to look for more regular hours in a part-time position to get some extra cash behind her. Cue big sad faces and concern! We love her! She was completely convinced that I'd find somebody that I could afford, and who would be nearby, and the right choice for the children... and she was right. I have a newby starting tomorrow, who is a daddy of two of the children's little friends- and he has convinced me that he knows what he's taking on! Hurrah!

I am too nervy
when it comes to taking decisive actions. Not a new lesson- but getting over it has been. I gave myself a firm talking to, and I've managed to take a few steps this week that will make my life a fair bit easier with any luck... I have promised myself that I'll try to be more confident over this issue next time. Hopefully I've turned a corner.

makes my children happy. Not just happy- they actually looked at times, like they might just pop with sheer joy. Such wide smiles, and excited faces- it was beautiful! If one of them had burst, bunny rabbits and sunshine would have filled the pool. (I do hope bunny rabbits can swim!) I'm not a swimmer- I'm a little bit phobic, but its one of the things I really want to support my children with. My fella came with us, as the competant swimmer, but I actually got into the pool with them, and was sooo glad I did.

I love Spring...
and this is a new idea to me- and a surprising one. I remember liking it lots in previous years- being excited by the warmer weather, longer days, and buds and flowers that pop up every year, but I've made the transition to admitting love. Its a beautiful time of year- and I really am getting so much from it every day. It makes me want to throw my curtains and windows wide open, and breath it all in!

I am not a maker of children's fancy dress
That gene completely passed me by. My mum was fantastic at it (daffy duck, red riding hood and the wolf, cinderella, flower fairies, pirates... I could go on...) and my sister appears to be very confident in finding the right thing for my neice to wear on these occasions too! She made a beautiful Little Miss Muffet a while back.
 It is World Book Day on Thursday, and the children have to go to school dressed as their favourite character from a book. I'm having kittens- the words Aaah and Help spring to mind. I'll let you know how it goes!

This has turned into a very long post! I must have been busy, doing and thinking this week. Ok, just one more... and its a goody.

I have a good friend
in a very old aquaintance. Its been a bit of an odd relationship. We became friends because our parents were close, and she and her sister were the same age as me and my sister. You know the sort of thing. We used to spend evenings together, the 8 of us. Our dads sipping homemade brew and swapping tips, and our mums chatting away. Well, I don't think we'd have ever been friends if that were not the case- we were never in the same classes at school, we had different interests, and she's just for the first time, admitted in open conversation, that she picked on me a fair bit. Yes she did folks- made me a little bit miserable I can tell you. I'm pretty sure we didn't even like each other at times. Children will be children. But am I glad we moved past that and persevered?! I am. She's a little bit fab. She's come into her own in recent years with all thats gone on, and she keeps a good eye on my parents for me, in my absence, and is there for me, and she makes me forget what needs forgetting, and
laugh laugh laugh!
We've had some very good times, and were once in a situation that demands another post entirely! She is fantastic company and conversation, and she is one of the first people I just have to see when I go back. I can always trust her, and she bloody well knows what to say to me when I need a response. Always! We used to work together as teens but we sort of moved on and lost touch, and I assumed that that was that. We also don't have that much in common...still... (however, it occurs to me I could say the same about all of my closest) but it appears that true friendship can cross those boundaries. (I really wish that I had realised that she was always there sooner! And how lovely would it be to live in adjacent roads and have school friends that you still see regularly? I'm giving it a go in my 'new' place, but nothing can replace those links. Sigh... I digress.) She's still around- plans to meet again are being made, and I'm a very lucky girl.

Hope you've all have a lovely week!



  1. I am a pansy fan too! My old next door neighbour Lila (wonder what happened to her?) used to look after me as a little girl and we'd always go into her garden to admire her pansys and their various colours...

    Lovely little (or should I say long) post! Very sweet and thoughtful!

    I think all kids love swimming...don't they? That is what I always thought...and it is always good to have friends -I have so many different friends and it is great because they all offer different perspectives and new ways of seeing the world.

    Thanks for your comments nice! Made me smile! xxx

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and for finding the patience to get to the end- I'm not sure I could have done! It really was far tooooo long, but I couldn't bring myself to cut it down any further. Oops! My blog posts are like Pooh Bear's hums- they come to me, and they're organic- they're in charge of me I'm afraid!
    Its a sign of a good day- when I talk to much, I'm happy :)

    Take care!

  3. I agree with you about spring. It has always reminded me of Easter holiday revision in the past, but this year I can't wait to jump into it. x