Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I gave myself a little sit down and a think today, in the midst of it all, and have realised what is important.

Enough with the rubbish side of single parenting. Its not a perfect situation but I wouldn't want to change it. In relation to yesterday's ponderings, I'm going to go with my instinct and see where we end up.

I came across a bloggy challenge recently, and it coincided with a parenting thought, and I've been getting all thinky about things. I've been determined to embrace the fun in the Single Mummy Zone where possible, (I'm usually fairly good at this but have lost my way a tiny bit in recent weeks) and today we found our silly sides again.

Little Guy was full of beans when we collected him from nursery, and he was determined to hide from us on the journey home, without being fully aware that we could make him out quite clearly, even when he tried to make himself small by bending down and trying to blend in. You'll see what I mean!

He headed off...

Where had he got to? A passing cat, Pickle Missy and I 
were a little way behind, and weren't sure...

Could that be him? He is rather camoflaged. It was! He ran off 
when he heard us approach to try another place.



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