Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Woods

Thats where we went on a sunny afternoon last weekend. It seemed just right, catching the last of the sunshine, and being out and about in the midst of it all. This song was our soundtrack. Here is a fab group, if you haven't come across them- and even if this song doesn't grab you on first hearing, (you need to get at least half way through it to 'get' it) check out Skinny Love and the rest:

As we got boots and jackets on, my fella and I found that we were both humming this track, and realised that we had chosen different harmony lines to recall. I was wondering why this was, and if our ears picked up on different layers of a song, and why they might... when it transpired later on in the car that I had been humming the bit that comes through the passenger-side speaker, and he was humming the bit that comes through the driver's one. I was quite disappointed that there was such a straightforward explanation, but a mystery was solved...!

It was my lovely fella's idea to go exploring, and to play Hide and Seek.

We found no Gruffalos, or Monsters, but we did play, and hide in ditches...

...and look at the little details: saplings, dew drops on twigs, moss on the ground, (such an amazing feeling underfoot!) spider webs caught by the sun. And we enjoyed spotting the little slithers of light at the end of the tree tunnels. Aren't they lovely?

I'm going to sound like a Hippy- but it felt peaceful, and ancient, and beautiful. The whole experience totally blew me away.

We also listened to the nothingness- something I can't do very comfortably. Put this was comfortable.

We felt like we were being torn away from it all when we realised it was time to go home, make our home-made pizzas and put the hot baths on for the small people. I wanted to stay the night! I realised I don't do enough of this kind of exploring. We are lucky to have the sea and lovely parks with ducks and swans, and gardens nearby, but to just go and wander about amongst nature for an hour or two in unfamiliar surroundings was fantastic.



  1. Oh I love the woods! I went walking in the hills on Saturday and there was a patch of woodland on the way, it was exactly as you describe - dew drops and spiderwebs caught by the sun (quite an alarming amount of spiderwebs actually!) - so pretty!

    That made me laugh about the speaker-mystery! Booo to scientific explanations!

  2. Peaceful pictures. Peaceful music. What a tranquil day!

    LOL at the speak mystery - so amusing! x

  3. That looks very much like one of our recent weekends! I love being in the woods and go as often as I can! I love exploring, the sounds and smells, the nature and of course watching out for gruffalos!

  4. I love walking mong trees, they do somehow feel so ancient and everything feels somehow magical - I loved listening to theat track, it is so hauntingly beautiful - will have to check out more of this. xxx

  5. You need a tent for the summer - then you can truly embrace your inner hippy (who seems to be dying to get out) and kids absolutely love camping. I think silence is the lovliest sound ever - perhaps because in this world it is so rare..xxxxx

  6. What a beautifully written blog! I almost feel as if I'm stepping into your world. Keep it up! I'm in the South East too, a gorgeous part of the country with the best of everything, those gorgeous country walks and the delights of the seaside.....Happy blogging x

  7. I like to be in the woods very early in the morning when there is no-one else around but us and the birdsong. x

  8. Thank you for your kind words! So lovely to hear from you all :)Isn't Blogland a friendly place?! The woods are somewhere that I didn't realise I loved. What a nice discovery! More trips there I think- yes, early in the morning, and maybe if I'm brave, at night. I'm not a natural camper Diane, but I'm gradually being won over. Theres talk of a short kid-friendly music festival this July. Will let you know on that one!... xxx