Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Miss Busy Bee

I was a little bit like a song with lots of words today- they all fitted in, and it sounded okay in the end, but how it got together with the music, we may never know.
My MissBusyBeeDay went as follows:

Got up, did the 'morning' things, Pickle Missy to school, Little Guy and I tidy and clean, and put washing out into a brilliantly sunny courtyard, (with real dolly pegs and everything) then I prepare for work and hoover, and he uses his hoover (sounds like child labour, but he really wanted one for Christmas, and I'm all for the menfolk joining in!) Then we had a play-date/ 'see the ducks and have a run-about-with-a-frisbee'-sesh with a friend of mine (she used to be my Homestart volunteer but we've stayed in touch- she's like an extra mum!) and a little 3 year old boy that she was looking after. She brought me the most gorgeous woolen short grey cardi that she'd come across.

Little Guy to nursery (with a freshly bought hot sausage roll in the lunchbag because I was so short of minutes- good times), me back home to finish assortment of laundry, make a start on a charity-shop bag of things-to-go. Then collect Little Guy, come home to find that Mister Dishwasher Repairman was sitting outside complaining about double yellows. (Not my problem- but I'll gladly listen and sympathise if you please fix the thing that does the washing up)...

Drop Little Guy to the childminder, go to work for a bit (where I represented myself for the duration as 'the girl who turned up to school in her slippers'- I was not at all coherant and kept forgetting what I was doing and where I had put things. Moreso than usual. And people pay me money to do this?!)

Back across to the childminder to collect a Very Tired Small Person, but not before having to stop to hear Mister Dishwasher Repairman complain about things and tell me that the tiles might have to be removed if the fault couldn't be fixed this time, and no he wasn't gonna do it himself, he'd got into trouble for 'being helpful like that' more times than he cared to remember (one wonders what other 'helpful' things are in his back-catalogue). Also included, earlier in the afternoon, were such classics as (jovially, but unexpectedly) 'be a man' to Little Guy who was complaining loudly that his dinosaur shoes were on the wrong feet, and 'I don't know what it is with you women and collecting plastic carrier bags', admittedly after he had to tredge through approximately three hundred in the cupboard under the sink, in search of an 'off' switch to the machine. Charmer.

Quick about-turn to go collect Pickle Missy, who was then at her friend's having previously been to her Street-Dancing Lesson after school (you read that right- she's despo for ballet but theres nothing affordable in the area so this will have to do! She loves it). I wasn't sure if I 'd be finished in time to collect from the class. I wasn't. I got a little lost on the way to the friend's house, and had to phone the mum to double check, then also needed to ask some passing teenagers for directions. (Well, I was passing, they were just leaning against things, all skinny-jeaned, youthful and beautiful). Fabulous.

A long walk over a very short distance, towards Homefordshire, with an Even More Tired Little Guy in tow, who ended up having a snack-tea and going to bed almost immediately.

Phew. Glad thats all over, but it was such fun I think I'll do it all again tomorrow....



  1. wow that is a busy day! I almost couldn't keep up just reading it!

  2. Did you have time to breathe - I'm sure I didn't when reading it. Hope the sunshine helped you with your day! x

  3. Phew I'm tired just reading about it! Think I need a rest now! Why are repairmen like that?!?
    Remember to be ruthless with the CS bag. x

  4. What a miserable repair man! You'd think he'd be a bit more polite and respectful of your carrier bag collections, seeing as he was in YOUR house!