Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Recent Beautiful Things.

I think that this time of year is a time for change. Perhaps thats true of the transition between all of the seasons, but Springtime makes me clean things, and bake, and move furniture, and add things to my beautiful home. Its one of my favourite things to do- nesting. That and searching out a bargain. Here are some recent additions from the last couple of months, to my place: Here.

You like? I like. One of my favourite topics at A-level, was the French music of the period 1880-1930ish. Same of the art actually- I find that cultural scene fascinating. Ooh, do you feel like some Ravel? I do.

Luvverly. Well, I saw this chat in a charity shop for £3.50, and he had to be mine. I vaguely recalled the club name from my studying days, and in fact was excited to see a sign for one on a trip to Paris 8 years ago. I googled it, and there it is- its the one I was thinking of, I'm pretty sure it is- where all of the cultural artists gathered. And I now have a reproduction of one of those lovely posters. Yey! My hallway looks much more cheerful, and every house needs a cat.

I didn't have a soap dish before, and have been on the look out for the right one. Marks and Spencers, £4.50. I've removed and kept the rose scented soap (not really my bag) for some unsuspecting female's birthday present, and replaced it with our own! (You may have noticed by now that the right hand part of each picture is blurry. I'm afraid to say that my phone camera lens is scratched. I discovered it today and was not a happy bunny. I really will have to learn to use my complicated digital one that is usually a Special Occasion Camera. Wish me luck!)

A corner of my cluttered dressing table. Yes- a dressing table! How exciting :) Part of the lovliness of my Single Mummy Zone is that I can donate spaces to my pretty things nowadays, where I can appreciate them, and where they are safe. Spotted photo frame, £1.99 in a charity shop yesterday. And it is framing Marilyn- I'm not the most massive fan, film-wise, I just haven't watched that many, but I know something beautiful when I see it. I bought this postcard on a trip to London a couple of summers ago. I went to a gallery that was showing a collection of Marilyn and Audrey photography, and of all the glam photoshoots, and seminal film images, this was my favourite- she's windswept, and imperfect, and wrapped up in a cuddly cardi and blanket on the beach. Cosyness.

Daffs! They don't usually sit here but it was too sunny to take a photo of them in the window, so as an added bonus you get to see my spotted butterdish. I realised recently that I have a thing for spots. I never knowingly say 'I must have that- its spotty'- I probably say that about things decorated wth flowers, but this was totally non conscious, so I guess I like spots! My beautiful nodding daffodils are sitting, in a jug bought from the charity shop at £2.99.



  1. I have that Chat print, it's about 5 feet high though and covers most of one wall, nice to hear a bit more about where it came from.

    I too love the Marilyn pictures where she's just being herself and not posed, reading books etc - beautiful!

  2. You can find some lovely things if you have the time to go browsing, I love a nosey in the charity shops!

    Good luck with your scavenger hunting this month - perhaps it will help you get to grips with the complicated digital camera!

  3. Lovely charity shop finds. I've not been so lucky lately but I do always pop into the local "cat" related one which is fab for bits of fabric and lovely baskets. I did go browsing in a neighbouring town today but unless you're 80 years older than God and read Mills and Boon, you're not catered for.

  4. Our music tastes really are just too similar. It sounds just like summer might be round the corner. I can't think of a word better than blissful to describe how this era of music makes me feel. x