Saturday, 12 March 2011

Things to remember, Part 1

You know the kind- things that children say and do, that you want to be able to recall, with clarity, forever...

Plomp-shoes          Plimsoles
Bear Boys (are always eating marmite) ♫
(Have a listen- it really does sound like that!)
OgHurt                   Yoghurt
Ber-na-naaa-na     Banana
Cornflake                Snowflake 
(and while we're on the subject...)
'Mummy, its snowinger and snowinger!'
'A long long time ago, when I was four...'
'I'm wearing my poppy to remember soldiers who work
hard and get very hurt, and their horses too.'
Noodles                  Toggles
Pelt Fits                   Felt Tips
Brep-puss                Breakfast
'For my wedding, the bridemaids and the bride will have red shoes. 
Can you remind me incase I forget? And any boys will be in blue shoes'.
Pinking-Dress          Pinafore Dress
(After a visit to watch a Royal procession):... 'We didn''t 
see a Queen or a Princess- we just saw an old man.'
'My tummy is saying rahh rahh RAhh! I think its hungry.'
'Good Morning Mummy-Bunny'.

...And sometimes we're lucky enough to have some moments on film too. 



  1. Hey - thanks for your lovely comment, it means a lot and I know you haven't exactly been having it easy either.

    This post was so cute, especially the 'plomp shoes', and the bit about IF there are any boys at the wedding! Are they your daughter's actual first steps? What a lovely thing to be able to look back on!

    I was out with my friend and her two year old son in the park the other day and he was running about shouting about 'playing with the dicks', was relieved to hear he meant sticks!

  2. That's a gorgeous video. She's so lovely and tiny. Happy memories!

    I'm still making up my one words for things. I don't think I shall ever grow out of it. x