Thursday, 31 March 2011

My first Scavenger Hunt!

I didn't do January, although I was intrigued, then I wanted to do February but I didn't manage that either. I'm not much of a photographer, but I liked the idea of this bloggy project.

More Blog Love, people! I do enjoy perusing other people's photographs, so despite camera problems, and illness that meant alot of my photos were taken at home, (moan, moan, excuses!) I really gave March a go. Third time lucky. The list of themes got me really  focused. Very enjoyable! Here is what I came up with.

March's Scavenger Hunt:

A collection.

Well, Pickle Missy and Little Guy's Treasure Box, full of precious things collected on walks, sprang to mind.

A fancy gate.

I struggled- my town is quite, well, towny, and shoppy, and I had one gate in mind, but left the photo-taking for a morning when I knew I had no children this week. Cue Pickle Missy coming down with a bug to prevent me from going outside. This came from one of her favourite stories, as you can see.

A lamb.

Here is Timmy, in his natural habitat, amongst other bedroom-dwelling creatures. He is Sean the Sheep's relation- remember him? He was knitted by my mum.

A Lion. 

A no-brainer. Sorry to give you the soft-toy version again: the lamb was because I couldn't find any that I could photograph (although I was over the moon to see some in a field off a busy A road, that I couldn't stop on...) but the Lion had to be Custard- Pickle Missy's favourite and best. We love him.

A rainbow.

There is the most delightful rainbow effect that streams through the glass panel, onto the stairs at my local supermarket. Beautiful, but I was a little too embarrased to stop in a busy car park to snap it, so here is the one that similarly fills up the front of the house, shining through the glass window of the door in the morning, onto the wall and shoe cupboard.

A ring.

Bought for special lady's Pink Hen Do.

A shadow.

This was kinda put together for the purpose of the photo, in the bathroom, but I hope you'll forgive.

An empty chair.

At work... in my garage!

Peeling paint. 

Not at all rustic and charming I'm afraid- Damp! In my house! How attractive. The Landlord is onto it...

Something as old as me.

An eye, well, my eye, but produced backwards as I lined the pic up in a mirror (right eye, looking like a left eye I think, or vice versa).

Something green.

Too many options here- I was really tempted with my daffodils in bud, and the green jug that they reside in, but I decided on this lovely bridge.

Something sentimental.

Couldn't really keep to the rules here and decide on one thing. Memory boxes, as you can see, with Pickle Missy's first ballet shoes, and Little Guy's first scan.

I'll definately try to take part again next month, and hopefully I'll be able to get out and about a bit more. I am looking forward to finding out what the list is. I might even manage to locate an SD card so that I can use that Complicated Digital Camera of mine...



    1. Very clever - I never thought of using a bit of me for something as old as me, I really struggled with that as I got rid of all my baby things a few years ago!

      I love Custard the lion too!

      Everyone seems to have found this list a challenge! I'm really ready for a new one, I can't wait to see what's on it!

    2. I love your list, well ddone for not giving up-I nearly did! I am already looking forward to April's list.
      Thank you for popping over to my blog and also leaving a lovely comment.

    3. cute set of pictures x

    4. Illness got in the way of me doing the February hunt! I hope you are all feeling better by now. It's lovely you have used so many items with your children in mind. I especially like your rainbow and shadow photos. Thank you for your comment on my post. Not everyone shares my love of The Tudors! x

    5. Well done for imaginative ways of finding the items. I hope to join in soon, now I'm more mobile. Don't let the landlord drag his heels on that damp though.

    6. I really enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your reasons for him. So many lovely, pretty, memorable things. Custard the Lion looks very much loved! x

    7. Well done o taking these when you weren't well. Hope you are feeling better. I love the gate !

    8. Ahh I love your memory boxes :) I'm totally doing this in April!!

    9. Found you via Lucy's blog :).. I have seen a couple of people doing these scavenger posts & it seems like a really fun idea, I may join in with the next one! Loved all your ideas :)