Monday, 21 March 2011

Tomato Plants do not like taking mini-breaks, and other Weekendary Things.

They truly don't appreciate it. They are apparently not fans of fresh-air and adventure when they are still shorter than two inches. Now this is a shame, because they struck me as outgoing seedlings, with a lust for life. I have sadly misjudged them. I was hoping that they would like the change of scenery, and the different people to converse with, so they were not left to fend for themselves, feeing thirsty and lonely this weekend, but offered warmth and comfort and drinks whenever they required them, and introduced to two friendly cats.

But instead of thriving on this change of lifestyle, they have decided to rebel, and to stop growing large amounts each day. They have instead decided to flop, and lean and press their noses against the pot. They are making a silent protest, and have swapped reaching for the sky, for touching their toes, and they have left their seed-hats on past the time when we all know that they should have taken them off. I can only assume that they were a little travel sick upon arrival at my fella's house, and that due to their size, they were feeling effects similar to time-zone changes. Perhaps they were watered too lovingly... a hazard when there are three water-ers in the house instead of one.

Now at this point I should include a photo of our Actual Baby Toms, but I would not want to upset you. I'm sure they'll pull through, and I'll post a happier picture when they do. It really is a sad thing, but I did sow extras in readiness of Rebellious Seedling Behaviour. I'll keep you posted.

Heres an idea- instead, lets have a quick peek at the friendly cats.

I took these photos at Christmas- hence the slightly seasonal reading matter. Meet Black Cat- she is affectionate and soft, and has the most lovely ballet- poses. Her little front paws turn out slightly like a dancer. And she likes to involve herself in what you are doing. She can seek out heat sources with the best of them.

And this, Blogland, is Grey Cat. She is one of the most unusual and beautiful looking cats I've come across. And occasionally, when she invites you, you can tickle her little ears gently, for a moment, and say How Do You Do, and then she is off, wanting your space rather than your company. She likes to reside on kitchen surfaces and find food, and unwrap food, and consume food, with the help of her sister.

And I had a lovely time with Black and Grey, and my fella and his family. We had a cooked breakfast on Saturday that was an Event- a lovely proper mealtime gathering, sometime around 10am, with all sorts of goodies to eat, and a teapot with a cosy decorated in chickens, and homemade bread, and posh sausages. Runny eggs too- lets not forget them. Yum. And Yey... for Breakfast Gatherings, which are a time-of-day all of their own, and not 'a little-something-(or-maybe-nothing)-before-the-school-run'.
Then there was house moving, helping his friends with boxes and vans, and a lovely long walk in the woods, and a meander around a seaside town and the pebbled-beach, and a zonk-out* in front of Proffessor Brian Cox.

Well I'll leave the plants at home next time...


*You know, like chilling, but with interesting facts (that you are enjoying) that you cannot help but sleep through...


  1. sounds like a great weekend! I love Brain Cox and well, anything like that, but I have had a very busy month and haven't even watched episode one yet! I have been saving them all up for a less busy weekend, hopefully I'll catch up this weekend!

  2. Such ungrateful tomatoes! Tuh!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend. The breakfast has made my mouth water. x

  3. Mmm cooked breakfast sounds so yummy! I never think to do that. It is definitely what weekends were made for :)

  4. Haha to travelling with plants! Grey Cat is lovely - looks just like my Sally apart from the white patch and the fact that she's not nearly as flabby!