Friday, 11 March 2011


I am asking myself questions today- its what I do when I have nervous energy, and free time! Some rhetorical, others things that I need to decide, and some, that finding the answer will make no difference to!

Why am I nervous about today's playdate?

Why did it take me so long to work out why the time on my posts wasn't right? It wasn't set to London GMT. If only I was actually living in the Carribbean!

How come when one gets better, the other gets ill. At-the-same-time is the way to go, Little People...

What do I replace the 'void' with, that was The Tudors, series 1, 2 and 3, which were on the Vision Box. I have LOVED them! I have no actual tv... and nothing I've been watching has come close, and the final series is not yet forthcoming on the iPlayer- so what now?!

Why are raspberries so flippin' expensive out-of-season? I can only walk past without buying for a certain amount of time, and they're not the easiest of things to grow in a paved courtyard!

How do I get to know a couple of these school-parents better? I'll deal with this issue in another post- I have lots of long sentences to write!

Why do I put off phonecalls... and paperwork?

Should I spend extra Christmas Boots vouchers (loads left over) on more Soap and Glory bath bubbles etc (Clean, Girls), as I'm running out, or use probably the whole lot on the Kate Moss perfume?

How do I decide whether the holidays I've been invited on are the right ones for the children, and which is best, and how do I make sure I can afford them?

Should I finally admit to myself that I need a payrise? Its been a few years...and should I start to approach those that it will effect?

How do I convince myself to sit down and sort out something that is overdue being sorted? In this particular case, I'll be better off financially once I do, although its confrontational- but thats not my fault, and its got to be done.

Why am I not particularly panicky about my son's recent referral, and why am I not more worried when he has his episodes? I seem to be totally in control of myself, and my instinct has proved to be right... but would you believe that I'm reproaching myself for not 'caring' more through panic?

Is it ok to buy a bunch of daffodils every week? If I was to do it all through the year, that would be about £52, but these are seasonal, and they make us smile. I may have answered my own question here!...

Whats with my recent 'spot' obsession?! If anything for the home needs to be bought, it has spots! I'll illustrate this for you some day. I really must have dots on the brain.


I hope that whatever questions you have buzzing around your head aren't bothering you! Mine are pretty ok actually- I'm used to a busy mind, I just need to learn to put a lid on it at night. Some questions give me the focus I need though. Good questions!



  1. It helps to jot things down I think, then you're not afraid to forget about them and have them stopping you getting to sleep. The only one I can help with is the daffodils - it's a resounding YES!!

  2. Always buy flaffodils (a family term but the name's stuck) Flaffs and tulips are my most favouritest flowers ever and the only ones I'll have in the house - so go for it - buy lots and enjoy their cheeryness. It's good to get the questions out of your head and onto paper/screen...they often answer themselves when said out loud. I'm great at talking myself round in circles in my head but as soon as I voice it/them I can make sense of them.

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