Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Is it really Wednesday?

I'm not entirely sure where the week is going, but I suppose its faster when your time is spent snuggling down with a small Pickle Missy, administering cough medicine that doesn't take away coughs.
I enjoyed your comments about my Cornish treats. I can't help my weaknesses, so I'm not going to fight them! I have been known to say 'lets have clotted cream for tea- what shall we have with it?!' Those of you that are interested in Cornwall might have heard about this.

I'm having a catch-up day, doing those little jobs that have mounted up- so I'll have a little catch-up here too. So what have we been doing? When we haven't been poorly and off school, or flipping pancakes, this week we have mostly been baking,

...with pretty good success! These were yummy- we've made two batches in two weeks.

and drawing,
I can't get enough of this 'lets draw bunnies' phase.

and being Angelina Ballerina
for World Book Day. Now why exactly was I panicking?!

and having our nails done,
at our friends party (manicures for 5 year olds anyone?!) 
I thought I'd be shocked but I just thought- 'oh, you have beautiful strawberry-fingernails!'

and growing
These are our tiny little tomato plants. Its so lovely to watch the seedling process- this picture (if you look really carefully!) should show all of the steps, as we understand them:
1) a loop
2) a shoot with a seed-hat
3) a shoot with propellers.

Hope you are having a good week too.



  1. Those muffins look mmmmm! x

  2. I want strawberry fingernails!!

  3. Sounds a lovely week despite the coughs and poorliness. You do a great job and are an ispiration. xxx

  4. Hope you get rid of the coughs and colds soon. Nasty! xxxxxxx