Monday, 2 May 2011

And now for something Completely Different...

I've caught this little bug, the one that has been milling about recently. Symptoms include:

itchy fingers
the need to create
pestering more crafty family members, for advice, support, spare equipment, and lessons
hunting around charity shops for useful fabrics and books
emitting squeally sounds when you feel an especially expensive yarn (or wool as I'm used to calling it- sorry!)

There are some quite serious cases of it in Blogland, so I kinda hold you people accountable. And theres that little matter of my 30s list- this new sickness is just the right kinda thing to tick off, numbers 5 and 9.

I've aways enjoyed making things: cards, cross stitches, and I love drawing and painting, so perhaps the signs were there. I've mentioned before that I grew up in a house of crafty-ness. I felt a little inept when it came to making costumes for Pickle Missy's World Book Day recently, so something had to be done. (The sewing machine is being dusted off, and there is a fabulous project ready to start, thank you once again, Lucy). It used to be unfashionable to make things, and you'd attract comments about lack of money if you sported lovingly created hand-made jumpers as a child (from other children of course). I wouldn't dare mention to my school friends that I got one of these!

 I can still remember what I made for the big project: an adult sleeveless stripy jumper in a kinda aqua marine and navy, with buttons on one shoulder. Beautiful!!!! It was the '80s, people, therefore, this is an acceptable design and colour combo.

A new era has come. I have one of these noodles, (that is what Pickle Missy calls them, and that is therefore what they will be known as!) and I'm ready to go.

You see? I read blogs from proper crafters- I understand that we are supposed to find the prettiest fabrics to photograph things on :)

In fact, truth be told, I've started. Mum tried to teach me, but proclaimed me un-teachable, so she found me a couple of books and some remnants and told me to set out into the big crochet world unaided, for that is truly the way forward (and her mother had decided that she couldn't be taught either, so that is the route that she also took) ...or something to that effect. I can now proudly make round things, and long things, and wormy things.

So anyway, how does this sound so far?....



  1. Woohoo! Go you! So pleased you're going to have a go at the pillowcase dress, I'm going to make a start on mine today ... just as soon as I tear myself away from Blogland - gah! Best of luck, can't wait to see what you produce!

    (Oh and I'm totally hankering after vintage Brownie badges now, thanks for that!)

  2. Enjoy! Every now and then I get the urge to create but its generally shortlived as I'm not terribly practical.

  3. Lovely stuff, I can't wait to see how you get on! x