Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Things to Remember, Part 2.

It is good to keep a record of the sweet and silly things that Little People around me say and do. I'm a big fan of their logic, and am forever jotting quotes down. I've heard some more recently, and thought I should share:...

(In Little Guy's link-book from Nursery:) '...he has enjoyed dressing up as a policeman today, and he even arrested Spiderman'. 

Baby Jellies     Jelly Babies

'Oninge is my favouritist colour'.

Crying Bears     Grizzly Bears

'Its lovely to eat potatoes with ketchup'. 'I'm glad you like it'. 'I don't just LIKE it mummy, I LOVE it'

 'I'm going to let my hair grow longer and longer to my toes mummy, and then maybe I'll let you take me to Little Guy's Barbeque (Barber) and he can cut a little bit from the end'.

£1              A pound-pence

'I love you as much as little bunny rabbits who have a secret surprise just for you'.

'Gosh mummy, that cycling lady is going very fast'.

'I'm surprised that I've walked all this way and not said my legs were tired yet...'

'When I am big, I am going to have a motorbike, and a car without a roof, and a TRACTOR!'

'For the party I am going to wear: 
A pretty pretty butterfly dress,
My best shoes,
A bracelet,
A necklace,
and most of all, my princess hairbands and crown'.

Hope you're all keeping well, and are enjoying the last bit of May. Its been a busy month Here, and next week will be no different! I am away doing nice things in London this weekend, then I am returning with an extra Little Person. No not one of my own, but one that I am hoping to get to know a little bit better: my neice. I'm giving my sister a little break, and looking after Mini-P for a few days. She's two and a half, and in the full throws of toddler-enthusiasm and potty training. Am I mad? Probably!



  1. I do love the way children's minds work and the things they say! Although I don't have children, I'm surrounded by them at work so regularly hear their lovely phrases and thoughts! Today a boy walked into the classroom after collecting a piece of toast from our break time snack bar and shouted "mmmm, toast is paradise" which made me chuckle!

    I want a tractor when I grow up too!

  2. I love hearing things children come out with, they can't fail to make you smile,

    Victoria xx

  3. My favourite is 'pound-pence', sounds like something out of the League of Gentlemen! Good luck with your little niece - you're very brave! x

  4. I really enjoyed these, they had me smiling and laughing out loud. I'm left wondering what the secret surprise is that the little bunny rabbits were bringing you. Any ideas? x

  5. Oh aren't they gorgeous? I rather love potatoes and ketchup too!

    Do you read Katy's blog? So, so funny.