Thursday, 5 May 2011

Three-Photos-Thursday, 5th May,

I did promise I'd be back with a happy post, and I'm here, and I'm smiling. Things actually got worse again, but for some reason I felt a great deal better immediately. That probably has less to do with the added doom and gloom after a meeting yesterday, and more to do with the support that I have found around me as a result of it.

The three photos today are of happy things given by kind people, to cheer me up this week. Which they have. A great deal. In fact, there were more than three acts of kindness, but I'll have to save the others for another post.

I'm a lucky girl. Yey for smiley faces again :)



  1. Just reading through your posts and I am humbled by your strength and attitude, a very special person me thinks.

  2. Lucky you! It's been years since anyone bought me flowers!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better today, I hope it lasts!

  3. Such lovely things - glad they helped to make you smile. You really do deserve happiness. xxx

  4. Nice to see you smiling again :) xx

  5. Oh hun, I've just read your previous post. I'm so glad to hear that things are starting to making you smile again.

  6. Glad you are feeling chirpier. x

  7. Thank you all for saying such nice things! I'm back, and I'm bouncy once again.

    Murphyfish- thats really very kind of you, but I also need to lighten up occasionally!!! ;) I think I have, and its out of my system for a bit. Its so good to get rid of the 'sads', and to realise that understanding people are still around me.

    You're all lovely, and your comments mean a great deal :) xxx