Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Wedding of the Year: Its All Over!

Which makes me a little sad! No more chances to buy the merchandise (very upset that I couldn't get to town for an Accesorize necklace!) and no more wondering about the details of the day. Its been, its gone, it was wonderful.

Unlike our trip to London! In the interests of complete honesty on here, which is afterall the policy I adopt in my non-blogging life too, it was rather a disappointing experience. I had some rotten news on Thursday, which I'll probably post about another time. I was feeling quite low as a result. We couldn't leave my parent's house at the time we were supposed to for reasons that are... well something if you grew up in that house you would understand... which meant that although we could soak up 'atmosphere', there really isn't a great deal of 'soaking' you can do with two small children who are bored because they can't see anything significant. We were a good 8 rows back, lining the route near Banqueting House, with two very grumpy small people, 6 flags, and a large rucksack. Such a shame.

I'm almost certain we were in the wrong position really. We went to Whitehall, at the advice of experienced Londoners who said that the nearby station had facilities for small people, and we'd see alot. As it happened, with the community spirit vibe going on, I think most of the restaurants and pubs were accomodating to those needing to visit the bathroom. Although I can't say for certain that our experience would have been different, I have friends who were on The Mall, and at Big Ben, who had a fabulous time. Once we were in our area, we were kinda commited, because the routes to elsewhere were shut, or un-walkable with our small companions. My parents worked out the details of the day, it was their trip, albeit on my behalf, and I couldn't adapt their plans. I was soooo looking forward to it! Poo.

We were dressed in patriotic colours, and raring to go!

Was I naieve? I really don't think so: I realise that its only the hardcore campers near the palace that get the complete best out of the experience, or at least those who arrive more than an hour and a half before the action starts. I was expecting the crowds. And I know what its like to have two small children, who are quite possibly over-excited and tired, and who constantly need the loo. That was all accounted for. I couldn't have predicted quite the tearsome rage that Little Guy would have been sporting for the duration of our stay, or the security tightening up more and more throughout the day ('You can't go there', 'Who sent you this way?...because you can't get through here either' and 'Those toilets are now shut'). I felt like we were being herded around like cattle, and I couldn't help but say feebly and sadly to my dad, who came with us 'Lets go home and watch it on the tv tonight'.

We saw some goings-on through a pub window, and caught our first glimpse of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I rather liked this bunting, waving in the breeze...

Thankfully he ignored me. No, don't get me wrong, the day was a little bit broken and I didn't feel fully ready to grin until I saw the carriages in the news report that night, but I was happy that we pesevered, bided our time, and pushed our way through to meet my mum on her tea break, where she works, and managed to pose with soldiers, and stroke the odd Household Cavalry Horse or two.

My mum had a great view, and took a couple of  fab photos. Here you are:

 One Catherine Middleton!...

Note the primrose yellow: The Queeeen!

Blues and Royals.

So I think I might stay at home for Prince Harry's wedding, because apart from anything else, when this didn't meet my expectations, I also felt like I'd missed out on the experiences closer to home. There have been street parties around my local area, and a couple of do's at nearby venues, including the train station, and 2 invitations to parties that I couldn't accept (one on Thursday, one today, Sunday), because I was comitted to my London trip.

Despite it all, looking through my terrible photos has cheered me up no end- seeing the excitement in the faces, and having another look at the crowns that Little Guy made himself and is sister to wear, and their homemade Flags. I've realised that although it was disappointing, it was still a nice trip to London. Here are a few Bank Holiday Highlights, which have since given me that grin too.

Seeing Pickle Missy and Little Guy dressed for the day, and being asked to pose for other people's photos. 

Enjoying a moment of time to savour the goings-on, as we picnicked and listened to the ceremony, then heard Jerusalem. 

Loving the Bride's dress, well, dresses, because that evening gown was sensational, even if the Wedding one was a little reminiscent of the one my friend got married in last Autumn! Royalties (ha!) please!

The wonderful Music.

Seeing Prince Harry share jokes, and put people at ease. Yeah, he's made terrible mistakes, and he's quite often unpredictable and immature (don't forget who his Grandfather is), but I liked his quirkyness, and his manner with the little ones.

Watching a group of six mid-twenty-something girls go past us in London, arm in arm. They were dressed like they were on SATC, complete with gorgeous shoes, and champagne, and hampers, obviously thoroughly enjoying their day, and their friendship. 
Wondering at little Grace Van Cutsem, the angelic curly-haired bridesmaid, with a face that could turn milk. (If we thought we had a bit of a time of it, looking at her, we knew nothing of the agony!) 

Seeing the outfits of the celebs and Royal Family members. What on earth had Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie done to upset their designers? 

Picking up a piece of practice-writing from my eldest (5) who had been pestering her Grandmother to teach her to write 'William' and 'Kate'.

Enjoying the cheerfulness of a Little-Prince-William-Lookalike, (from way-back-when: blonde hair, cheeky grin) Master Tom Pettifer. He looks like he has a contagious giggle. 

Seeing Prince Charles and Camilla lift up her Grandaughter on the balcony.

Observing Pickle Missy's reaction to it all, and her wonder over the gorgeousness of the 'New Princess'

Thinking back to a recent close friend's wedding, with her array of small bridesmaids and page boys, including my two Little People. 

The Britishness of it all- in every good way!  

Watching Little Guy grab his Great Grandad's newspaper, with a photo of the crowds and say 'We were therrrrrrrre!!!'

Loving the happiness of the Very Happy Couple, who have their whole lives ahead of them. I'm all for a nice ending (in that the Prince got his Princess, Kate got her man), and the new start. How exciting!

May they live Happily Ever After.



  1. Sorry to hear your experience of the wedding was a little disappointing. My friend and I were sitting watching the news on Thursday evening and were so tempted to go into London but knew it would be a nightmare!

    At least you can say you were there!

    Victoria xx

  2. On Friday night, I must admit I felt a bit down that it was all over. All that excitement and not even a honeymoon for us to go on!

    Despite the problems with the view (ours wasn't that great either) it sounds like you had a nice day and enjoyed the atmosphere.

    You'll have created great memories for the little people as well - my first clear memory is of Andrew and Sarah's Royal Wedding and having a party at nursery followed by watching it on TV and then going up to London to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. I still have my crown I made for it!

    I love your list of favourite things from the day - especially Little Guy's reaction to the newspaper. Perfect! x

  3. Your little fella has it right - YOU WERE THERE! Your mum got some brilliant photos. I have to say though, looking at the crowds and hearing them say how long they'd been there, all I could think was, "But don't you need the loo?"!!