Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Blog Update: Beautiful Things for May.

Hello! Sorry its been a while, but yes, I have indeed been doing Beautiful Things.

I've seen more of my lovely fella recently than I have in ages, as a big job of his has eventually ground to a halt. It was a little drawn-out and stressful, but thankfully he's in one piece! So he's been about, which means that
a) my garden is a little thirsty
b) I have seen a lot of CSIs recently (but I do like them, especially when accompanied by sofa snuggles and cider)
c) my laundry pile is growing ever-more precarious.

But I don't much care. For also we have explored a lovely 'new' (new to me) Beach. And this morning, we had The Eats:

We indulged in a fantastic meal. Here is my breakfast:

I hardly ever eat breakfast, but the very occasional brunch is all good by me. We went to a fab little cafe on a quiet High Street, with the most adorable tables (can you see the home-made table printing?!) and friendly staff, and lovely music, such as Jamie Cullem and Tracy Chapman, and white walls, with black writing, also decorated with painted eggs and sausages and tomatoes etc. (Do I make it sound like a low-budget ice cream van or children's ward window,?...with those well-meaning but terrible pictures of familiar characters, that really don't look like original Mickey Mouses and Donald Ducks?! Well its not- its a little bit fabulous!) And beautifully cooked food. Can you believe I ate all of this? This is a 'small breakfast', not a 'large breakfast' or a 'Hank Marvin breakfast', which are also to be found on the menu. Random fact: I lived with my ex, a vegetarian for 8 years, and became gradually unaccustomed to the sights , and more particularly, smells of non-veggy food, finding that I couldn't stomach the thought of it... and here I am eating bacon again! It seems quite wrong but also, this morning, a little bit right.

So, to the Beach:
It was beautiful, so we ventured out to the sea, but not to my normal beach- to one that was a little drive away. I had to keep Pickle Missy off from school for two days because she was sick on Sunday, but as it turned out, past the initial 3 hours, there was really not a lot wrong with her (thank goodness!) I wasn't allowed to send her back into school though, so as she was bright as a button, she came too. We looked at the boats and imagined where they might go, and collected stones, and climbed over the breaks, until we found a patch with smaller pebbles, and, at last... sand!
It was a gloriously sunny day, and there was plenty to see. I loved the pure colours of things, and the effect of blues on greens, on browns, on whites.

Custard came too, and there was a picnic of Hot Cross Buns (they're still going in our local shops, but then again, they're still selling off Easter Eggs too, like I've never seen before!) and fruit. We indulged in a little ice cream too.

We liked the feel of bare feet against the sand and stones... and in the sea! And we also made a friendly little wriggly chap out of  things we found. My sister, Pootle, says 'Andy Goldsworthy inspired'. I say 'Eric Carle'!

We also went on a third adventure recently, but I'll pop back to tell you about that one another time soon. Less is more... or something! Hope you're all havng a sunny week!



  1. Oooh I haven't had a good old fry up in ages!!!

    Victoria x

  2. Is there such a thing as too much CSI? I can't stop myself watching it, even the episodes I've already seen multiple times!

    That breakfast looks utterly scrumptious. I can't imagine how big the Hank Marvin sized one is though...

  3. Lovely beach shots, making me impatient for summer outings.

  4. I really enjoyed your photos of your beach trip. It looks like a lovely place. And the fry up looks delish too! x

  5. Looks like a lovely beach and an even lovlier brekkie! I used to love watching CSI - haven't seen it in ages tho.. x