Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Adding-Up and Other Happenings.

I thought I'd have one of my Dear Diary moments- and fill you in on the recent goings on Here.

First of all, in relation to my last post I found this a coincidence! If thats not a sign to get making and do-ing, especially on the bag front, I'm really not sure what is! I will have a good think about it. The little tutorial sounds like just what I need. I'm going to have to pace myself, but the thought of my very own bag is just a bit exciting!

I set a date for Little Guy's party, and I'm hoping to make a start on the preparations with plenty of time. After a chat with Pootle, we are thinking about the possibilities of selling our party-ideas somehow. Its so lovely to have a plan like that. We've both said that even if it doesn't take off, we could have good fun playing with it, and the idea of working together on something with my sistery best friend, even from this distance, (ahh, the beauty of the internet) is lovely.

I've had positivity and kind thoughts sent to me in bucket-loads these last few days- its been amazing. Oh, and the virtual hugs... they were immense. (Is that a good place for a word like 'immense'? I quite like it, and can't think of a better one!) I now consider myself lovingly squeezed. This relates to stuff which happened a couple of years ago really, but I've had a tricky time dealing with unpleasantness these last couple of weeks, that has led on from there. Its not nice, it won't improve, but its life, and I'm a positive girl. Its a funny thing- hard times really can remind you who is there to care, even if they can't necessarily be 'there'.

January 31st is drawing near, and with this in mind, I eventually finished my tax form today. Hurrah! After all the procrastination, its always a huge relief to get it done. Funny story actually- I couldn't find my calculator... yes really... and I had lots of sums to do. The calculator was quite vital. (It was last seen being used as a mobile phone by Little Guy, who was organising a job with Bob the Builder. It was, now, in other words, nowhere). The one on my touch phone was too fiddly diddly to use, and time was running short, so I had to improvise. I set up shop, and made a very satisfying 'bleep' with every digit and '+' sign I tapped in. Yes, I borrowed my daughter's new 'money pinger'- her toy till. And I sat there adding-up, with my glasses on and a pencil behind my ear, feeling Ever So Professional. Ker-ching!

Don't you just love them?! Image borrowed from



  1. Well done for getting it finished. I bet you breathed a big sigh of relief. I'm still trying to get everything changed into my married name. Mr P will have a wife with no hair at this rate! x

  2. It *was* a huge weight off the shoulders! Good luck with your admin too! xxx