Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mixed-up Day

Today is one of those. Things aren't going as I had hoped. Naughty Day! I've had 2 cancellations for this aftenoon's work, and I had things planned that I now can't do, and some news which made me sad, (although theres still hope- its a wait-and-see kinda situation) and a poorly Little Guy, sent home from nursery. Poo. I did, however, manage to upload the photos from my new phone onto the computer while I made a late breakfast. Well, I say 'new' phone, its 4 months old nearly, so I lifted over 1000 photos! It was nice to look back on them, and I got to re-live some warmer-weather-moments too.

Being a mixed-up day like it is, and as I have had MAJOR itchy feet for getting away somewhere beautiful recently, (I blame this fab BBC2 programme for making it worse) these pics are not a bad cure. I thought I'd share a couple of favourites.

Ah, now you see? I don't need to get away for a lovely bit of Sun- I have Here, 10 minutes walk from home. Ok, I may need the 'warmth' aspect, but its only a couple of months until Spring! (I hope!)

Well this is Custard. He is Missy Pickle's favourite. He arrived on the scene when she was but a fairly inconspicuous bump of mine. He comes with us on lots of our adventures, and he came to the seaside on this particular day, which was my birthday, back in September. And a lovely day it was too.

And look what Missy Pickle found. She does have sharp eyes. It was very exciting! Growing up in Greater London, I didn't make these kind of discoveries as a child. We are making up for it! She also was the first to spot literally hundreds of jellyfish. I'd never met one. And there they all were, opaque, with a purple tint, chilling on the pebbles. We threw lots back in to the sea, but had to admit defeat just because of the huge number. We decided that the sea was going to come back later for them... at some point...

Hmmm, just lovely. So you see, I have no need for a holiday... Mind over matter!



  1. That looks a lovely place! I love the seaside, it's good for the soul I think, even on a freezing cold day - sometiimes especially on a freezing cold day :)

  2. thanks for dropping in! i am always thrilled to hear from such far away places! good luck with the blog...i've been at it for 3 years and it is a great way to burn off some creativity, record moments in time and make new friends!

  3. Welcome to the blog world, and hope to see your blog evolve. Lots of fun, and you meet such nice people, like Leanne (post above mine ;) )

  4. I really appreciate the comments! Thank you :) Yes, I'm spoilt Here, its lovely. Looking forward to getting to know lots of bloggy people better! xxx