Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fresh Sparkly Routine

Good Morning!

I'm liking this routine. The baby years have gone, the toddler groups have eased off (not that I didn't love them most of the time), and I have time to be us, as Me and two Little Ones- together and independantly.  And now the 'togetherness' seems closer somehow.
The routine has changed because Little Guy is now at nursery, which he adores, and it gives me a bit of time to myself too. Its a Fresh Sparkly routine. It gives me a calm start to my day. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so lovely- I'm so lucky. And it comes at just the right time- I was getting bogged down in things in December, and it was rushy-rush-rush. I'm bored of dark mornings and evenings, of winter clothes, of dry skin and heavy food, of coughs and colds. (This made me more optimistic though!) I needed something different to happen for me. This routine feels like something different. Suddenly, I'm quite focused, for a change!

I get up, reluctantly (an hour or so after the Little People who do not get an early-riser gene from their mum), we get dressed, and I gradually come-to over breakfast. Then I do the drop-off, when I leave my two with bigger people that will teach them interesting things, (Missy Pickle is learning about France today) and I walk home, mostly by myself, pondering. I like to ponder. I ponder the things that they have said to me that morning, (in particular today: 'Mummy, I love you and Little Guy. I want us to always be together'- I can tell you... my heart swelled) and I ponder the things that I will do that day, (Blog, lovely bath, good music, paperwork and ACCOUNTS!!! I must must must do my accounts!) and I fill-up what is sometimes a slightly empty feeling inside (now that its Me and not We Three) with warm fuzziness. Its sometimes hard, but I always try. When the weather improves, and I'm better at my time management, I'll go for a run after the drop-off. But because it is cold and wet, and I have important things to do that I am putting off, (ACCOUNTS!!!) I'm starting my morning like this- calmly.

Now I have time to spend with each of the children individually, and I have time to get on top of household and business tasks without feeling rushed. Cue big smiley face. The Fresh Sparkly Routine won't neccesarily last, and I'm not too worried. Is that age- learning to not worry over things like that? The format of it will change as my life gets busier and things go in a new direction, but I'll be making sure that the main components linger... in some order.

I hope you all have a nice morning.


Ooh, and thank you so much for your comments- I LOVE reading them, and I feel really welcomed!

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