Friday, 21 January 2011

Beautiful Things.

I've had a very nice morning. I'll try and describe briefly all of the Beautiful Things that I have seen. Incidentally, 'Beautiful Things' is a phrase my eldest uses, to describe things that are very important to her. (She also interchanges it with the word 'precious'... but this, I cannot take as seriously since it reminds me of The Lord of the Rings!) She has very little understanding of material worth, even now she's at school, (I'm so keen to hold on to that...possibly too keen...) and she occasionally collects feathers, beads, plastic bracelets, things that she has made etc to keep in treasure boxes, calling them just that: Beautiful Things. What a perfect description!

We saw a family of ducks on the way to school this morning- not unusual, but lovely nonetheless. I watched Missy Pickle in her first assembly (which was an extremely Beautiful Thing as you can imagine), then I went into town and ran some errands with Little Guy. I have fond memories of my pre-school years, going to the bank with my mum, posting letters and buying toothpaste from the chemist and Mr Men yoghurts from the Co-Op. Things like that. I hope my two feel the same as I make them do this all the time! We're very fortunate to have a 'local' High Street, where I can be old-fashioned like this. A Supermarket is moving in very soon, the building is still under construction and it grows each day. Theres a balance to be struck I suppose. I really hope that the High Street holds on... but I have a funny feeling that it will- its like that around Here. We popped in for a cuppa with a lovely friend who I used to work with, in her new Craft Shop, and I got lots of nice ideas for things I probably should make and do. I'll keep you posted on that one. I also bought a couple of actual Beautiful Things around town from the Charity Shop today.

Theres not a whole lot of spare pounds flying around Here, but I can sniff out a bargain. I include the handbag, as it was only bought, through neccesity, this week, and I think it is quite Beautiful. Little Guy bought the Fire Engine with some Christmas money and it was 80p. We got Dolly (69p) for Pickle Missy. I felt guilty that she wasn't there, but there were only a couple left so I made a decision. She did decide the other day that she might like to spend her money on a new one, with some clothes and shoes to go with the others she was given by Pootle and family for Christmas. (Who knitted the most amazing outfits! I must remember to post you the photos, once the wardrobe we are making is completed.)

I love Beautiful Things- please feel free to comment about yours!


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