Thursday, 20 January 2011

The morning after...

Well we all feel a little like we over-indulged last night! Oh so tired, with scratchy coughs. I let the children have a sneaky lie-in this morning, because although it wasn't a particularly late night, with all the partying yesterday, nobody felt like getting ready for school or nursery this morning. Note to self: when administering sneaky lie-ins, make sure that I am up at the usual earlier time so that things aren't too manic! I've been really busy preparing for yesterday but have missed writing my little updates here, and I owe you a post-party review. It went very well, and Missy Pickle (and her cat-friends) seemed to have a lovely time. Here is the afternoon in pictures! I tried to include a few different cats, although this little lady, Hello Kitty, is Missy Pickle's favourite, and she was on the invitations.

 We did our 'Pin the bow on the Cat In The Hat' as a bit of an icebreaker, and here he is all coloured in, with Little Guy's family Birthday Cards above. It will be his pirate party next!

My mum also came down for the afternoon from London, and helped out with the face-painting (just noses and whiskers) and the 'Kitten Says' (Simon says). My lovely fella came to help too, and he was fab. It was only the second time that they had met, despite us being together quite a while, but they seemed to get along fine. *Small sigh of relief  and a contented smile*  Mum bought me these roses. I appreciate the relationship we have now- we are too far apart geographically really, but it does mean that you tend to avoid the day-to-day grumbles and disagreements, and that the time together is valued.

We had a Kitty Treasure Hunt. There were three teams, (yes- there were several children!) and each team had to try and be the first to collect all 8 kittys in their team colour. They were hidden everywhere, and one of the green ones turned up underneath a coaster yesterday evening as we were enjoying a congratulatory cider. We are still looking for a blue one though, so if you come across it?...

Have you spotted her?

Of course there was a pass-the-parcel, and balloons to play with, and a picnic tea on the carpet. They also had a cat shaped cookie to ice and decorate...and eat.

And the party bags turned out beautifully. I also had a fairly late night sorting out this cheeky pussy cat cake, the night before (I include the link because some people are unfamiliar with Meg and Mog. We were brought up on these stories and they're so beautifully illustrated). Not a great photo (are they ever?!) but you get the jist. This has got to be my favourite part of the party planning! I think he was appreciated.



  1. What a lovely party - and such lovely homemade things! I reckon a party at home with lots of care, love and attention to detail is far superior to anything you can book and just turn up for.

    The Mog cake is gorgeous. It must have been tough to eat her, but I bet it was delicious! x

  2. I'm taking there is a love of cats in your house? Need to read more I guess to find out! Thanks for popping by to see me! xxx

  3. This did strike me as your kind of post, PinkCat and Curious Cat! We don't have one just now, (sigh) but yes, we love cats :) I'm not really a lover of sponge cake though, so I can't give you the definitive answer on taste I'm afraid! xxx