Thursday, 27 January 2011

Today, I like these things...

Homestart - these people are truly fab. When I have more time, I'll certainly give volunteering a try- I owe them so much. On a personal level, when all other avenues have offered me nothing, they are always there, and they always come up trumps. Not to mention the Christmas parties, teddybear picnics, drop-ins and groups, advice, courses, including this one (which, so the rumour goes I found out, is accompanied by a pampering sesh and a tray of cream cakes on the last day). They also passed me on a Tesco voucher for my Christmas food- shopping last year, from another charitable company who wanted to donate them to local families. A 'Faith restored in Human Nature' moment. Truly overwhelming!

Oh, and I'm listening to this lady muchly. Isn't she just beautiful? And I love love love this track:

Theres something about the blues!...

And look what I discovered recently. I think I'd like the yellow one better, but this one is still gorgeous! I was a big fan of the mini ones when I was a bit younger, but unfortunately Mother Nature decided to lower my tollerance to sweet things after I had two children. Crazy but true. (I used to have the ability to pack away doughnuts and chocolates by the dozen, but now I hit my limit for sugar far too quickly. The pregnancies were all about the savoury: porridge, tinned spaghetti, and pringles please!) It would probably be a bit sickly, and oddly enough, I don't even like sponge cake, but purely for nostalgia, and because it is so aesthetically pleasing, how about celebrating with a teeny tiny slice of one of these?

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I was looking for a piccy, and came across a couple of new blogs that I liked, and I had to 'follow' them. Its so funny when things happen by accident! I mis-dialled a work contact the other day, and ended up talking to a carpet-cleaner by mistake. I thought this was a sign- we now have a clean carpet.



  1. Maybe I should mis-dial the number of a cleaner...or even an ironer. That would be great!

    Love the Sarah Vaughan! x

  2. Thank you for stopping by again! Me too.... :) xxx