Wednesday, 6 April 2011

30 thingys to do before I'm 30.

I have two or three posts hanging around the 'drafts' department, and I am trying to space them out. This is an improvement on last week, when I had 6 or 7. My blog posts come to me- like Pooh Bear's hums, and they are in charge of me at times. I have lots to blog right now, but need to be in charge of the blog posts, and say 'no-wait your turn!!!' occasionally. I had something else planned for today, but thought that this one had more urgency, as I need to get a wriggle on, so I have let it out to be read.  Lucy also blogged her list yesterday, and the timing seemed right. 

I obviously ought to celebrate my thirtieth somehow- this is being worked-upon. I might actually get some friends and family to traverse afar to my corner of the world for some kind of party (visit me? A potentially Most Unusual Situation). Somehow it needs to be fabulous- my favourite people, lots of photos, lots of memories and great moments, decent music and entertainment, and yummy food and drink. I might just go over the top. I really might.

But anyway...You know whats also important? I neeeeeeed to celebrate my 'leaving of the twenties' somehow. I explained my feelings back in this post. Its essential, to my mind, as a process of putting the last decade behind me. I totally understand 'divorce parties' now! Don't knock it till you've had one! (A divorce that is). I won't be indulging, but I can quite understand the need for some people. I think the 'shaking yourself free from the past' aspect is part of my reasoning for this. Also, re divorce parties: any excuse for cake.

So here is the plan: I'm going to do 30 things that I haven't done before, or that I think will make a good impact on my life. Its  a way of remembering this year, and also a way of trying new things and maybe getting out of my comfort zone. I had a good look at this website for general inspiration, and also thought hard to myself about what I wanted to do (yes, yes it did hurt). I'll aim to cross things off here, and take photos where possible. You'll notice I kept things in threes. See what I did there?...


1) Go to a Festival
2) Write a song
3) Send 3 secrets to (I literally cannot wait!)
4) Find a personally inspiring quote and work it into a piece of art/ decor.
5) Complete 3 projects from here
6) Host a Dinner Party (cooking a three-course-meal).
7) Do a sporty challenge, and be generally active.
8) Do some kind of performance.
9) Learn 3 new skills.
10) Change my surname back to my maiden name.
11) See a sunrise
12) Learn to put my face in water.
13) Buy only second hand clothes, and adapt them into something 'Me' where neccesary.
14) Volunteer, charitably.
15) Leave a book somewhere, with a note inside it, for somebody else to pick up.
16) Sell some unwanted things of mine, to make money for new things.
17) Read my shelf of un-read or part-read books (excluding Complete Works!)
18) Fly a Kite (Ha! Didn't realise till today that this was also one of Lucy's).
19) Write a letter to my children, with advice and memories that I don't want to forget.
20) Join a club or an organisation.
21) Collect 50p pieces.
22) Make a story book for the children.
23) Have a cocktail party.
24) Learn more about star constellations, and go star gazing.
25) Watch 3 new films.
26) Catch up with the news every day for 3 weeks.
27) Get a new family picture taken.
28) Do a 'baked and homemade only' week, 3 times
29) De-tox, and take out all of the naughty foods for 3 weeks
30) Declare myself happy

Its a little worrying, flicking through the links, and seeing how many people didn't complete theirs, by a mile. But I guess thats the good thing of having a short list, rather than one of 101 things which I think might make me feel panicky. I really hope I've kept them realistic. Its so interesting (not in a patronising way, you know...) reading lists made by teens, and having a glimpse into their minds and their priorites. I guess if I did this list at 19, mine too would have consisted of 'get the bus on time' and 'remember to clean my room' and 'say thank you to mum for the meals once a day'!


PS, thank you for all of your suggestions regarding this, and to Lucy who understood what I was looking to achieve, and pointed me in the right direction!


  1. Love your list, there are some really good things in there! Hopefully you will complete them all. I have a 28 things I want to do this year list, I really need to get on with them! PS - I have never heard of must check it out! :) x

  2. Such a lot of lovely things to do and get excited about doing. Do let me know if there's anything I can do to help you tick off the list...the cocktails sound fun! ;0) x

  3. I really like the sound of this and I think your list is lovely and definitely realistic - I hope you share some of them with us! Sorry I've been away...catching up a bit now! xxx

  4. I've really enjoying reading lists like this lately! I'm feeling inspired to do something similar, perhaps a seasonal list or something. For the first time ever, I set kind of new year resolutions - 7 goals to work on and I am glad I did. I'm a serial list maker so a list of things to do really appeals to me!

    Good luck with evetything on your list! I really want a kite too, but I can't decide which one I want!

  5. I think the things on your list seem achievable. Look forward to hearing about them as you tick them off. Can I come to your cocktail party?!?!

  6. Ahh I'm glad you decided to do one! I think you have the right attitude - don't look at the list panicking at all the 'chores' you have to get done, think of them as enjoyable diversions that you can look back on and be pleased with how you filled your time. 17, 18, 24 and 30 are all on my list too :) xxx

  7. My 30's were much better than my 20's - I was leaving a divorce behind too! It doesnt seem 2 minutes ago, and now I am writing my list of things to do before I am 60!! Hell Fire!!!! I have a book on how to write a song - do you want me to send it to you? If so, email me your address. xxxxxxx