Sunday, 10 April 2011

Today, I like these things... 2

Another one of these posts, like the one I did back in January. They're simple and fun, and a place for me to put all of my recent favourite discoveries, so that I won't lose them.

Last time, I was loving Well... I still am, for the reasons I outlined. Totally loving it. Its always in the background now on my computer... until I come across an artist who makes me turn that off, and immediately whizz to 'youtube' to hear more of them. Well look who I discovered through it yesterday, while I was playing with yeast and sugar solutions for dough (an unnecessary detail, but a true one) she's my new favourite singer, and I'm tempted to drag the man out of retirement, to see if Jim'll fix it for me, to have her come to my birthday party, and provide the music (and the stunning legs!!!! Jealous? Me?... and the bass player with the comedy folk-lovin-beard). She's something else...

Oh, I'm a big fan of green things appearing in my garden right now. Gotta love the Spring. I've planted out my toms (and am determined to be a good tomato mummy), into their own individual pots, and popped them in the mini greenhouse, along with a large tray of lettuce seeds. (I'm a girl who loves her salads... but you guessed that...) I'm also enjoying watching the poppies open up their lovely wide petals, and yawn in the sunshine, and close back up in the colder weather and darker parts of the day. How clever are my poppies?! I'm enjoying the hyacinths, and hoping to plant out the strawbs tomorrow. (You see? I'm using actual plant-abbreviations- as if I'm a proper gardener!) Better photos to follow in another post, but heres a taster...

Today , I liked our walk along the canal. Just me and my fella. It is lovely in all weathers, but as today was so yummy and warm, it was even nicer. Everybody we passed said 'hello', and we saw yappy dogs that looked like small cats, and ducks with curly tails, and had tiny conversations about nothing, because the company and the views were enough. I saw more blossom, and more types of blossom than I can ever remember seeing before. Beautiful.

Hmmm. Also, in keeping with my 30s list, I'm ticking off some reading:

which I stole borrowed from my dad. He knows about it, but to be honest, if I thought I had too many books on my shelf, unread... well, you know, his problem is much larger kinda thing... so he doesn't mind the odd three or four relocating. And he has the bestest books to choose from. Factoid.

I am also loving beeeeees, especially ones that come to visit, and buzz about, wondering if they could get into the My Little Pony Teaparty House, and if they did, whether they might ride on the little light-up-ride, make a cuppa, and play the sound-effect-piano. Mister Bee left eventually, but not without some confusion about my sliding windows. And he had no stripes!... but yellow legs. Fas-kinating. He was fun.

I love this place, and wish I had lots of money to buy all of the contents of its jewellery list. Its my kind of jewellery- quirky and beautiful.

I also like my children's creativity, and am happy to have their little works-of-art on walls and window sills to gaze at while they're away. And (I know its a little late... but its only just left for its long journey to its new bewildered grateful owner) look what Pickle Missy made her Great Grandma for Mothering Sunday!



  1. What a lovely happy post, made me smile just reading it! It's so lovely to go out for walks at this time of year, esp by water. Our pups absol love jumping in haha.. We are trying to grow lots of veggies etc this year, just worried that naughty puppies will try to dig them all up :(

  2. Sounds like you're managing to fill your time nicely :) Love the sound of the curly-tailed ducks!

  3. Sounds like you're keeping yourself very busy and doing nice things too. The book looks very interesting. x

  4. loving your garden pictures :)
    I tagged you for a blog post :)

  5. Love the cat pompom!!!! Has made me smile!!(going to make one over my Easter holidays)


  6. Just see you like Melanie Gardot - I came across her and wrote about her once on my blog - exact same song! Snap! xxx