Monday, 4 April 2011

I have much to tell you (well no, I need to tell you ONE thing) Part the Second.

I can't really believe it, but I am very grateful to Lucy, at Tête en l'Air, for my second little award in a week. (You can read about the first one here, if you fancy). Look! I am putting it over there on the left, yep, just there, with the other, on the virtual mantelpiece so that people will see it and realise how thankful I am. You lot are fab! As with the Kreativ Award, much celebratory bouncing and big smiles took place when I found out. Happy Me.

You may be wondering why I received it. So am I. It is passed on to recognise smaller blogs with less than 300 followers. I have about 5% of 300, and I am grateful for every single one. And any readers that do not 'follow' or comment- we love you too. [Insert sloppy acceptance speech HERE].

The rules say that I should pass this on to 5 other small (under 300 followers) blogs. Hmmm. Most of the smaller blogs that I love have received this. And I really don't want to be the one who passes this on to people who perhaps then feel that they are pressured to post a response, (and who then have to choose five blogs), if this isn't something that appeals too strongly to them! Some people just aren't fans of the process. So for this reason I have chosen two for now- ones that I know will feel as I did.

...who writes beautifully and captures the scenery so well in her posts about the lovely walks in her local area. As with the best blogs (in my humble opinion), there are little snippets of daily life thrown in here and there, and she has been so welcoming to me in Blogland. So there we are. Isn't it lovely that you get to 'meet' these nice people via your own writings, and discover mutual interests and similarities and senses of humour etc? Its a lovely blog to dip into, and lose yourself in.

...which may be a completely new blog, (even newer than mine) with just the one stalker, (moi...), but every post has made me giggle. She is too much like myself, and I'm quite sure she'd appreciate the award, like in a bouncy way, which is quite an acceptable way (perhaps the best way) of responding to it.



  1. You sweetie, I am indeed bouncing and beaming :)

  2. Both look like great blogs - I'll pop back to them for a better look! x

  3. I've only just seen the comment you left me and what a surprise - 2 awards in one week! I can't believe you said all those lovely things about my blog! Award or not, it was so nice to read what you like about my blog - I'm a bit shocked that anyone would think it that good to be honest, but I really appreciate what you said and it was a nice boost after yesterday's disappointing news!

    Passing on awards is quite difficult. I did it with the last one you gave me and only 2 out of 10 appreciated it, a few didn't even reply at all, which I thought was a bit rude if I'm honest! If I had received this from someone else, I would have passed it on to you, but that would be silly as you have already received it! I'll have to give it a bit of thought and like you, will perhaps just pick a couple of people I think will appreciate it this time.

    Thank you so much for all the things you said!
    I really enjoy reading your blog too as I do think we have some similarities or things in common.

  4. Ooh a blog about walking! Yay! See, this is the good thing about this awards - finding undiscovered gems. Glad you were pleased with it, I really do love your blog :)