Friday, 8 April 2011

The Wedding of the Year.

I'm not sure why I'm getting so excited- its not like me, I didn't expect to be, but I'm quite looking forward to The Royal Wedding! I can't explain- perhaps there is no explanation, but I have Wedding Fever over it. The shops are all on it, and I'm just going to have to make a purchase, at some stage, and the children and I are going to watch it. (We were due to be going into London to get lost in big crowds and take in the atmosphere, but plans have fallen through. Nevermind, because we didn't have an invitation to the church anyway, and I didn't want to just rock up, wearing something fabulous and a Kate-esque fascinator, tempting as it was...)
So forget your commemorative china, that is so last Royal Wedding! Here are some of my favourite Wedding Memorabilia Thingys/ Shameless Money Making Thingys.

William and Kate Dress Up Dollly Book, RRP £5.99, and I was so tempted to get the sticker album when I saw it in the supermarket the other day. A little too old for it I fear...

Coaster, £2.25
Rainbow Magic Book, RRP £3.99

Ooh, Pickle Missy will be pleased... RRP £6.99
The Obligatory tea-towel (delicously kitch, I think you'll agree) RRP £4.99... but hurry- only available while stocks last kinda thing.

Does anyone need a new knitting project? RRP £9.99. Can't take the credit for this one I'm afraid- I borrowed this link from a friend. If anyone gets it, please let me know! I'd love a corgi, and I'd be your best friend... (Ha! I wrote this post before Pootle saw this and said exactly the same thing). Genius! I also like the Arch Bish...

Ok, anything serious out there? Theres this, my mum would love it, but perhaps we're trying too hard... £24.95

And if you're really excited to count down, £7.99 (seven ninety-nine?!)

Ok, now these are essential to any party, £4, but please note that I have seen celebratory temporary tattoos in Sainsburys. I've seen them but I can't find a picture for you, but really- I've seeeeen them!

And theres these, £5, and fairy cake toppers are around too, if you are so inclined.
I'd quite like some jewellery, if I buy anything, but this one is £28. Pretty though. I've come across others like this that were also adorable, with teapot and post box charms.

We could go with the 'Royal' theme anywhere- like in the shoe department, £47.75. And if you're gonna do it, you ought to do it well.

I think we might have entered shoe heaven, ladies...

Ooh, I'm getting excited! And this is just the start- can you imagine what we will all be like (thats all of us- don't pretend you're immune to it!) if they have a baby? To be actually living through an heir-to-the-throne's arrival! (Well I've lived through two, if we don't count William's cousins, but I was too teeny to have appreciated it).
I wonder if they're getting jitters? Kate looks like a Disney Princess already- I predict a Jennifer Aniston like following over her hair. I think I like her. I want to know all, including whether Prince William will be wearing Union Flag boxers, as in the top picture, (we've recently read The Queen's Knickers, and loved it- so if the story is to be believed...) and whether Prince Harry has a few too many on the stag do, and whether the stags will have t-shirts that all say something rude and amusing? (Suggestions welcome, but I don't think we're allowed to make remarks about his rather unfortunate bald patch... It would be tempting though, no?)


PS- You like this? I like this!


  1. We got the angelina ballerina royal wedding!

    Along with this,default,pd.html

    I didn't want to get excited about the whole wedding myself but i already have my own mini party planned.I wish someone had given me the coaster "keep calm it's only a wedding" for my own wedding.

  2. Haha, there's some funny stuff about, I've seen a playe somewhere that just says "It should have been me!" and there's a woman been on our local news for making Royal Wedding sick bags ("throne up") -

    Apparently orders are coming in faster than she can make them - the mind boggles!

  3. Love the shoes. Actually I adore the shoes. Would they be suitable for the school run?

    Personally I'm not that fazed by the wedding thing. But there is a party planned on my village green (how quaint is that?) so I might take the girls down and get into the wedding mood.

  4. Love the new look of the blog btw.

  5. Ditto Vicky - it looks gorgeous! Such a pretty colour.

    I loved seeing all your Wedding finds. I'm getting really excited about it too. I must make some patriotic purchases. I hear Tesco has lots of great stuff! x

  6. I think people are getting excited because it is history in the making. I remember Charles & Di's wedding day was a huge deal and the whole country seemed to have wedding fever. I've got to work on 29th April Grrrrr! But I intend to put the TV on, think I'd better video it too in case it gets busy and we miss it. x

  7. Hello! I have tootled over from the middle of nowhere to have a nosy at your blog. Its fab!

    Not particularly interested in the wedding itself (other than kate's dress and the jewellery that they will all be wearing), but I love the tackiness that comes out in shops. I am personally looking forward to the snow globe version of it.
    But O.M.G. I LOVE the shoes!

    megan x

  8. Oh my actual God I'm SO excited for the wedding, I think I actually might be more excited for this one than my own!
    Actually loving the deely boppers, and will defo be needing the temp tatoos!

    xxx maddie