Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Eastery Goodness

As predicted... I didn't manage to get back here before Easter, but I hope your long weekends were full of nice things. Mine was! I bought this little chappy for my niece, (and was so pleased with the find!) and the campervan for my lovely fella.

Christmas Easter is all about giving. Egg-cup-pressies wherever possible I say. 

And there was baking, much baking.

The Little People helped with the mixing, and icing, (and EATING) but mummy will have to admit to finishing the getting carried away with the decorating after they lost interest slightly.

My first attempt at a simnel cake for many years. Its only me (and a couple of visitors) who eat it. Not a bad situation given my love of marzipan...

I cooked a roast chicken dinner on Easter Sunday, which was a treat in itself (I don't do roasts very often on account of Pickle Missy's veggy preferences, and me working Sunday lunchtimes). This weekend was different, and the left-overs didn't last long. I made a Rocky Road for pud with crushed cadburys mini eggs, but you'll have to trust me on that one, as the photos didn't really come out.

What else? Well there were swimming trips, arty-moments, barbeques by the beach (no we don't live in Australia, but this weather convinces one to do these things!) an Easter Egg Hunt, and picnics, and gardening, and baking and, and, and...

Our lovely Easter cards.

I'll do another post on the garden soon, but I couldn't wait any longer to show you our hanging basket in its new position, hanging!- look!

The children had scooters from mummy. There is something to be said for the art of nagging. Given enough time, mummy does listen, and she does respond! I didn't mind treating them, as their birthdays are so near to Christmas, that they could otherwise miss these Summery Outside thingys. No major injuries as yet, unless you count a very sore trapped finger... but that was more the fault of a bedroom door hinge...

 Note the green and gold curly-ribbons, which are now permanent fixtures, and arguably just as exciting as the main present.

Lots of outsideyness this week. Perfect.

It was all quite fab... and now we must leave it behind, in an ' in between Christmas and New Year' fashion, because the loveliness isn't quite over-and-done-with yet, although it feels like its all happening a bit too quickly. It is a great pull, to have to resume 'normal business' for a couple of days, and to have to pretend to concentrate on school and work... before the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday (!!!!) which I hope will be full of lots more nice things.


PS, the 's' on the keyboard only works when it feels like it, so in actual fact, 'Easter' keeps coming out as 'Eater'. You ought to see my kitchen cupboards after the Little People opened the rest of their pressies from family and friends- how apt!


  1. A really lovely post. You all clearly had lots of lovely fun. I love your hanging basket - it's gorgeous. And the scooter picture is so lovely. Such happy smiling faces! x

  2. Roast chicken is my favourite!

    Looks like you had a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Lets hope the weather keeps till next weekend.

  4. They look over the moon with their scooters, what a lovely pic! xx

  5. Sounds like you had a full weekend. Those scooters look like fun!

  6. really enjoyed this post. your baking looks soooo yummy. Loved the outdoor pictures, how cute. A roast, what a treat, can't beat it in my view :)

  7. Loved reading about your Easter - that Photo of the little people with their scooters is priceless, they look so happy! You do an amazing job s a mum, so glad you had an amazing time, it's the stuff good memories are made of. xxx