Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Surprises for a Tuesday Morning.

I have been saved by a man in yellow.
Tufty and his pals would be disappointed to hear that I nearly got myself flattened this morning, but a man in yellow put his arm across me to stop me stepping into the path of a very fast car, which had whizzed around a corner. He didn't stick about for me to say a proper thank you. Thank you man in yellow! I was in quite a shock afterwards.

My hair is curly.
Now technically, I had my suspiscions, and it has gone through quite straight stages, but also stages of being madly frizzy. And lets not forget my mid-teens, when if I put it back in a ponytail, there would be a section of central hair, on top, that was Proper Scary Spice Curly, and much shorter as a result. Just randomly.
I had my hair trimmed a minute amount about a month ago. And now, with that little bit of weight gone, and with a longish fringe across the front, it curls up by itself after I wash it, and I can hide underneath it, and I can spray it and leave it, and nothing needs to be done. I've re-discovered this fact this morning. It actually looks good in the rain, and I was complimented on my 'new hair style' today.

Our first childminder has taken a job with my children, for the third time.
What are the chances?! She looked after them part-time, from when I returned to work when Pickle Missy was 4 months, until Little Guy was coming up a year and a half. We moved away from them, but she continued to have them on a Friday for a while, even when I didn't have a car (what fun 8am 11 mile bus journeys they were!) until that aspect of my job finished, and it became much more sensible for me to put the children in a nursery nearer to Here. Which was a great shame, and a great pull, because she is Mary Poppins' Great Niece! (I somehow feel that Mary Poppins would never have married and had children, otherwise this lady would be more of a direct descendant... although I like to think that she fell in love and was very happy!)
Then last year, without realising that we attended, (we'd stayed in contact but she didn't know that this was the one of many local nurserys that we went to), she started working at our nursery, before the manager transferred her to the other in the company which was short-staffed. Sad face for my two, although our hours hadn't really coincided with hers much anyway. We again stayed in contact, but I don't think we've spoken since just after Christmas.
This morning I bump into her at Pickle Missy's school- she is now working at the nursery there! You couldn't write it, as she still lives that distance away. She wasn't expecting to be working with (or down the corridor from) one of my little ones yet again!

Life is a strange thing.



  1. Congratulations on not getting flattened. That is always a good start to the day. x.

  2. Oooh - I'm the 2000th person to view your blog!

    Thank goodness for men in yellow and amazing childcare people. It sounds like you've got lots of angels looking after you...and curly hair to complete the angel look. x

  3. Phew thank god for the man in yellow, we don't want you to get flattened! x

  4. Glad you didn't get flattened! How lovely that the lady will see your kids again, funny how the world works sometimes isn't it? xx

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm looking forward to reading yours!

    Victoria xx

  6. sounds like you had a lucky escape! Its a small world isn't it?...

  7. Thank goodness for the good samaritan and that is so cool about your nanny - she is obviously meant to be in your lives a bit longer still! xxx