Friday, 1 April 2011

Build a Rocket Boys!.. And my first outfit post (of sorts).

So Monday 28th March finally arrived! Its been on its way for a long time. Tickets were bought back in September, after a panicky text message from my sister, who was holidaying in Portugal, but who clearly had pressing things on her mind that prevented her from relaxing in the sun:
'Tell me you're online and waiting for tickets! Please please please! And let me know when you've got them!!'
 (or something to that effect)- you see that its been a long wait for her especially.

I went to see these Guys in the O2 (the Millenium Dome to those of us with a questionable sense of direction, and a limited knowledge of concert venues). Pootle, the big sister, can't mention the dome to me without reminding me about a dinner I cooked once, for our poorly mum, (who was in bed, else I guess she would have been cooking) when it was first built. It was mashed potato in a rounded shape, with sausages hidden underneath, and carrots sticking up out of it, to form a crude but artistic reproduction. I have no photo I'm afraid. You probably had to be there...
Where were we? Yep- we went to a very cool concert by

Oooh, it was good, and it was a fabulous evening too- such a treat to spend proper time with my sister, eating, wandering around and taking in the sights, reminscing. You know...

Its not often I go to a concert, and getting the childminding wasn't as straightforward as it might have been, but most importantly, what does one wear?

One wore this, casual but smart enough, and layered- black detailed wide strap top, grey thin hoody, and you'll have to imagine the skinny jeans and knee high boots.

Well actually, no, I have pictures of the boots, and the bag, which, tidily, says 'Millenium' on the front of it.

I was pretty chuffed with the way it went together actually :) ... although the Short Soft White Coat Decision combined with the London Underground wasn't my most memorable. I am sporting 'I've-recently-been-swimming, (well, splashing, doggy-paddle kinda thing) and-come-home, put-it-in-a-bun-thinking-I'll-sort-it-later, (then run out of time)' hair. I undid the semi-dry bun and spritzed with hairspray to capture the waves, trying to make them look intentional.

But all was good, and I painted my nails and got on the right bus and the right train. Hey, I even got to London early, where I discovered that:

  • I love Paperchase
  • All of the little shops in the train station thought I was a shoplifter
  • Monsoon bags are too expensive, but rather beautiful
  • The mascot for the 2012 Olympic Games is as uninspiring as the logo. (To be fair, little Wenlock looks much better in the press pics than in real life, and the story behind him is sweet enough, but I'm unconvinced. I'm getting off the soap-box now)!
  • The O2 is a fab place to eat.
  • The seats are spaced very close together, and are extremely steep.

I mean extremely steep- like they invented a new row for us, or so it felt. We were three rows from the very top, and I experienced the worst vertigo of my life. My legs shook until I descended back towards ground-level at the end of the gig. And my breathing was a little erratic (asthma-girl as you can see in the top picture). I took my hands out of the greasy cup holders that I was holding on to for dear life, to remove my coat, and to clap when essential, but at no other time- because I really felt like I was going to tip forward and roll down towards the band if I didn't!
I didn't go much on the venue really- not just because of this, but also in terms of what you could see. The screens were too low for the people nearer the top of the building to make much use of, and I'd have been quite unhappy if I was on the opposite side to us, stuck behind a chandelier!

But enough of that, because the meal was luvverly, and the company was perfect...
and ofcourse, the music was devine.
I didn't know that much about Elbow- they are Pootle's favourite thing really, so I was just happy to go along. I knew that I liked what I had heard, and I had their debut album, which is all lovely stuff. They're not yet a household name- the amount of people who said 'whoooo?' when I told them I was off to their gig... which is all a great shame after their Mercury Music Prize winning success. But perhaps it adds to their appeal- they're not at all mass-produced- they walk their own path. And their music is truly beautiful, live. I wasn't prepared for it at all!

It started off in a very civilized manner, with a string quartet doing the warm-up, playing arrangements of Elbow hits, ahead of the official support band. They weren't half bad either, the lead singer had a fantastic voice, and it was an interesting mix of styles. Oddly enough, they then did a Rock Star ending to their set, when they walked off the stage leaving the last chord still playing, with a fair whack of feedback. Pootle has designs on being a rock star, and we decided that most newer bands and artists would be tempted to do the same if they were playing to a crowd of potentially 20,000 people. But would you?!

Yeah, so, on to the main event. Guy Garvey, lead singer, is someone I could happily go down the pub with, and I reckon there would be hours of natural conversation. He is a fantastic presenter, on BBC 6 Radio, and a naturally funny man. He addressed the crowd, and bantered all the way through. I've never seen a band do that to this extent. He introduced most of the songs, and chatted away to people. Top Bloke. Gorgeous voice. And it was fabulous song after fabulous song- nothing I can write about there- if you're interested you should definately go listen!

Favourite moments? Well, I loved Grounds for Divorce, and have been singing it since.

I guess I won't need to worry about what I wear if I go and see them again...

Best quote of the evening? 'This next song is pretty good, and it mentions tentacles, which pleases me. I love a tentacle.'



  1. Sounds brilliant, a friend of mine saw them on this tour too and loved them. I didn't know he had a show on Radio 6. (I call it Radio 6 like a granny who doesn't understand digital radio).

    PS EVERYONE loves Paperchase! :)

    PPS Loving the sound of your Millennium Dome mash!

  2. What a fab evening! Such a gorgeous thing to do with your sister! (Great outfit too!)

    Thanks for your lovely message yesterday - it was much appreciated. xxx

  3. Oh i love a bit of Elbow, they're so underrated. I know what you mean about the steepness of the o2, its a tad scary! I was in the middle tier when we saw Muse. I was so pleased I didn't have to go to the top!

  4. i LOVE elbow! "grounds for divorce" is such an amazing song! i seriously listened to that song alone for two weeks straight after first hearing it.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time, apart from being a suspected to be a shoplifter. x